July 2005

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Day 1 - Body For Life

I have finally got up the intestinal fortitude to enter the grueling Body-For-Life Challenge. Yesterday I shot a video of myself to take a quick look at my body before I started the challenge. I put it in high quality and low quality:Before Body For Life Video (high quality, 80.5 … Continue reading →

A Lost Girl & The Godfather Pt. 2

I’m back and not so la-la-la happy at the moment. Well, I’m kind of neutral. I’m not a giddy kind of happy like I was in my last post. My BIG date was a bust. Plain and simple. The girl seemed fairly interesting talking with her over the phone, and … Continue reading →

A Girl & The Godfather

La…La…La…I’m just happy. Happy, yet nervous, although tired. A little bit of everything really. There’s a lot of things running through my head. Actually, nothing’s running through it all literally, but metaphorically. I have a date. Yes. Me. Justin Tadlock with a date. Who’d a thought? Nah, I’m fairly excited … Continue reading →