July 2005

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Days 9 & 10 - Lazy & Tired

I had a slight problem with the internet last night. It wasn’t working! So, I couldn’t write on my progress, and I had a lot to say. Unfortunately, I just about forgot it all. Day 9Basically, it was a lazy day. I only gave, roughly, 60% - 70%. I finished … Continue reading →

Day 8 - The Bad Day Rule

Day eight. Such a magical day. Well, it should be. But, it was one of the toughest days yet. After putting in 5 grueling hours of yardwork and about a gallon-and-a-half of water, I headed home. I ate a peach and 2 pieces of string cheese. Then I headed off … Continue reading →

Einstein, Yardwork, & ALLTEL

I came upon a nice little set of quotes on a website that I came across today. "If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut." “A man’s ethical behavior should be … Continue reading →

Day 7 - The First Milestone

I finished up my 7th day! That’s the first big milestone. Now, I have only 77 days left to go! I completed my first EDT cardio workout today. I finished up the 3 miles in 44 minutes and 17 seconds. I done the first half mile in 22 min and … Continue reading →

Gin & Tonic

I just finished up my first bartending gig! It actually wasn’t so bad. Most of the drinks were pretty basic. I had the Gin & Tonic, Bourbon & Coke or Water, Vodka & Tonic, Scotch & Coke or Water, and a few other simple things. Overall, it was pretty fun. … Continue reading →

Day 6 - My First Big Hump

Another day gone by, with another workout. I had to do the cardio with intervals today. I ran 1 interval, rested 30 seconds. Then I ran the second, and on the jog back I turned my ankle just as I was slowing down. I wasn’t sure how serious it was, … Continue reading →

Life Funny

It’s been a long day. I should’ve been snuggling with Smeagle and Oly (our 2 cats) a good while ago. They sleep with me at night. But, here I am, only a few hours til’ daybreak pounding the keys on my laptop. I got another odd job today. Lee Canon, … Continue reading →

Days 3, 4, 5 - First Week Almost Over

5 days! That’s a pretty big milestone when starting a workout and nutrition regimen, especially the working out part. I’ve almost gotten over the worst of the soreness and feeling like crap. But, with any good workout plan you’re going to hate life in the first week. On day 3 … Continue reading →

A Whore Girl & The Godfather Pt. 3

Yes, I used the word WHORE. I think I’m actually entitled to use it. This girl, the girl from previous posts whom I had a date with, is a whore. At least from friends, whose names will not be disclosed and who have also let me in on some unsettling … Continue reading →

Day 2 - First Cardio Workout

I’ve designed my cardio workout from and article called The No-Frills Cardio Challenge: How to lose twice the fat in half the time from the Body-For-Life website. It’s a pretty intense workout. I put together all of the workouts, at least the first versions of them.Cardiovascular (v. 1)Upper Body (v. … Continue reading →