Coffee Or No Coffee, I Will Write Like A Madman

Where has the time gone? I have spent 6 hours of my night reading away at Ian McEwan’s Atonement and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. And, I still haven’t finished the reading assigment for either one of them. Forty more pages in McEwan’s novel and 60 in King’s. I don’t even feel like blogging at all. Besides, I don’t have much to offer to the world tonight.

Novel update: I am completely restarting this whole thing. Well, I’m going to go back to my original idea. I think I captured a small portion of it in the first chapter, so that’ll stay. I still haven’t decided on the first-person / third person POV. I suppose I’ll have to know by tomorrow. That’ll leave me with approximately 2,273 words to write every day through the rest of National Novel Writing Month. Crap! With a capital C at that! Whatever, I’m going to finish this thing, one way or another. I don’t care if I only write 50,000 words of pure CRAP. I will finish. By God, I will finish if it’s the last thing I do in my lifetime. I will go without sleep for a week if I have to. I might even take up coffee-drinking for 22 days. Coffee??? Ughhh. I will do what it takes. So, if you have actually read any part of the novel so far, disregard everything you’ve read. I will start fresh. Coffee or no coffee, I will write like a madman.