Gray Hair By Semester's End

Yes, another late night for me. Hmmm. Those seem to be happening rather frequently don’t they? At least I’ve made it past the midpoint of the week without breaking. I suppose I’ll have to thank the gods for that one. Or rather yet, thank the 4 hours of shuteye that I took earlier in the night. It was much needed. But, I happened to miss the first 45 minutes of One Tree Hill. I must’ve set my alarm clock wrong. But I needed that extra hour that I got, it has propelled me up to this point. I could probably stay awake the rest of the night finishing off the ungodly amount of reading my teachers have been pouring on. Well, mainly Gresham. Somehow, I seem to always get back to him.

250+ pages an assignment.

I like the man well enough, but I may have a head full of gray hair by semester’s end. I could use a little bit of sleep. I haven’t missed a single class all semester (except the few from when I got my wisdom teeth yanked), but I find myself considering the possibility of sleeping in one morning to rejuvenate my body.

Hopefully, by tomorrow night I’ll get to post up Chapter 4 of the chilling tale…Well, maybe not chilling, but the tale of Jude Taylor and Isabella Moretti-Jones. Maybe I’ll even throw in another character or two. I’m not sure at this point. I didn’t get to write any tonight since I had all that reading to do. It kind of ticks me off, not getting to write 2 nights out of the week because of homework. I’ll probably have to spread it out a little more evenly from now on. But, it’s going to get worse. With the semester coming to a close, the work will pile on from every class. I’m predicting a hectic final 2 weeks of November, including Thanksgiving Break. I should probably set out some deadlines or a schedule or something…

I don’t want to bore you too much with this seemingly useless knowledge. So, I’ll head off to bed and return to the same old monotonous cycle that we like to call life.