A Harsh Realization & 2 More Weeks

I have finally come to the harsh realization that I will not be able to finish my novel in the next 2 days for NaNoWriMo. I simply have not got the time to finish off the next 25,000 words or so. I mean, it took me this long to make it halfway there. Plus, I haven’t even typed up the last few things that I’ve written. Generally, I would have been typing when I was writing, but I’ve had to write when I wasn’t around a computer just to fit it into my schedule. Hopefully, but there’s not guarantees, I will be able type up the work I have done this weekend and post it up for everyone to read.

I turned in my 8 page paper for Modern Drama today. Actually, it was about 7 2/3 pages long. The professor stated clearly that it had to be a full 8 pages. So, hopefully, he won’t mark off for the lack of 1/3 of a page. But, he seems like the kind of professor who would count each and every individual word if he had assigned a certain word count. I’m not too worried about it though. I tried my best. I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning finishing the thing. And I just so happened to oversleep my Advanced Composition class this morning because of it.

Well, I only have 2 papers left before finals, and only 3 final exams to take, which won’t be too hard. Usually final exams in literature classes are of the either-you-read-it-or-you-didn’t variety. I have 15 solid pages of my 20 - 25 page paper written for Advanced Composition, so that shouldn’t be too hard to wrap up. Now, I just have an 8 - 10 page paper due in The Gothic on Thursday. I still have about 30 more pages to read from Dracula, because my teacher went crazy with his reading assigments and I didn’t get quite finished when I was supposed to.

Only 2 more weeks left of school. Wait, that wasn’t exciting enough. ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS! There, that’s better.

Anyways, I need to get to bed because I have to be fresh enough tomorrow to start writing The Gothic paper.