The Historian: A Gothic Final

Wow! What a night! What a day! I have spent the better part of it, since around 1:30 pm until just about now, reading Elisabeth Kostova’s The Historian I stopped at around page 120 yesterday, and now I have made it to 445. I did sleep for about 3 1/2 hours in that time and accidentally missed the first half of Smallville. So, there went 4 hours of my time after watching the last half of the episode. If I didn’t have to mark notes, I could be a good deal farther into the novel, but I must keep note of certain things. I do have a final exam in about 13 hours, so I have to finish the last 200 pages of this book by then. First, I must get some sleep. I’m shooting for about 4 hours; that way I can have plenty of time to finish the book and take that exam.

The sad thing is that I don’t have to make any higher than a 57 on the test to keep a B in that class (The Gothic), but if I made a 100 (not likely) I would still have a B. That’s how worthless this test is for my grade. But, I suppose I must have some knowledge of the text to keep that B. I have made straight Bs throughout the entire semester in that class.

  • Essay 1: 80
  • Essay 2: 84
  • Essay 3: 86
  • Reading Response Avg: 85

However, I did happen to make a 9/10 and a 10/10 on two of my six Reading Responses. That’s how I brought the other four 8/10s up to 85%. So, the final is worth 15% of my grade. I know this is terribly boring, and you (whoever you may be) have quit reading this a good while ago. Okay, I’m going to sleep now. I should be back after my final, working on the site a bit. I will have some free time then, because my last 2 finals are not until Tuesday.