Someone Bought Something From My Wish List!

Someone bought something from my Wish List! I didn’t see that coming. I sent it out to everyone in my family and a few old friends to see if I could actually up my gift count this year. By the way, you can also purchase (oh, avid reader) a gift from my Wish List . I don’t mind. But, I just couldn’t believe it, when I saw that Serendipity had been purchased. It’s not a big purchase (only like ten bucks or so), but it is one of my highest rated items. That’s my all-time favorite Romantic Comedy, right along with The Wedding Singer.

I couldn’t find out who it was though. This is actually my first official Wish List purchase by someone who is not me. I wonder when it’ll get here, or will it arrive here (at my house)? I’m just too curious. I should’ve done this Wish List thing a long time ago. I could’ve established a good system of gift buying by now. Only a few people I sent it to probably bothered looking at it. But, if I had started a few years back, everyone would know that my Wish List is the place to go to by for Justin Tadlock.

Anyways, on to other news. I finished up fixing a few Skins tonight. And I forgot all about watching One Tree Hill and Lost. I was fairly upset about that. Oh well. I fixed the newest 4 themes to work in all browsers. I ran into a few problems. Don’t I always. The footer in Internet Explorer is driving me crazy. Anytime it’s below a list, and you hover over a link from that list, it pushes the footer down. I can’t find a solution for that. And at this point, I really don’t care. Internet Explorer is starting to bug me. It was always, and still is, my browser of choice. But when coding (valid code) it has many drawbacks. Firefox is much better for the design process. And, I actually like that browser. I’m just used to Internet Explorer. If there are any problems with any of the first 4 skins, let me know. I would appreciate it.