Midget Aliens

Yes, another boring day in the life of Justin Tadlock.

Oh, hello, reader. What? Where have I been? Oh yes, I was abducted by midget aliens for a week-and-a-half. I know I said I would get back to blogging, but they didn’t have a good connection up there. And to think, they can fly millions of light years all the way out here and not have a decent internet connection, or at least good porn. It’s sad, really, all that technology wasted.

Okay, that’s me trying to be funny. It’s late. I’m already dreading the start of the third week of school. It’s because my Christmas break wasn’t really a break. It was work, a lot of work. Moving and…Well, that’s pretty much it, just a lot of moving. I had to do some packing too.

Each of us in my class, The Personal Essay, are supposed to be keeping a journal. So, I guess I will be keeping mine on here since I already kind of have a journal. But, this is for school. Expect some more intriguing posts to come your way in the near future.