Long Time, No Post, Right?

I know, long time, no post, right? Oh well, I’ve been busy. I had promised to write regularly, but it just ain’t happening. I’ve been so busy with school. This week alone I’ve already had a test and I just finished a rough draft of an essay that’s due today. Thursday I have a Journalism test. I would like to tell my readers (who I know I’ve lost by now) how things are going. Tell them what my classes are like and all kinds of other stuff. Of course, anybody who’s ever read this little section on the internet knows that all I really have to say pertains to school. And I’ve had some interesting things to say this semester about the subjects we’ve been covering in class. I just haven’t had the time to post about them. English majors always tell me that I’m crazy for taking 4 English courses in one semester. But, do I listen to them? NO. I go on and do it anyway. Oh well, I’ve already got to stop typing. I have to get ready for my 9:00 Contemporary American Literature class.

Hopefully, I’ll get caught up, or maybe a little bit ahead, in the coming weeks. That way I can return to my regularly scheduled posting time.