April 2006

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Summer Reading Project

I wanted to post on some of the odd things that I’ve found at the library lately, but my roommate, who has my scanner hooked up to his computer, didn’t scan the stuff right. And I’m not going to go and edit each and every one of them until they … Continue reading →

Summer 2006 Goals

Summer’s almost here. I only have 2 essays to write; one that is halfway done and due on Tuesday, and the other is due on May 1, my birthday. Oh well. Then I only have 2 finals this semester, and they are both on May 6, a Saturday. Which, it … Continue reading →

Mr. Nokia & A Prophetic Sign

What a day! I don’t even know where to begin. But, the story must begin; so I must choose a point and let the pen flow…or rather let the keys be typed or something ’nother. Let me start two days ago. All of sudden on Monday night my I-can’t-live-without-it Nokia … Continue reading →

235 Pounds & Chewacla

Yes, I know that I have been lazy about writing in this little area, and that this statement is being used more frequently. But, I have other things to do. Like school, for instance. Or working out. Most of my blogging has actually went toward the Body For Lifers’ Message … Continue reading →

Body For Lifers & Journalism

I don’t have much time for posting tonight. It’s already past my bedtime. I’ve been posting on a new message board I am now a member at, Body For Lifers. Yes, I have started Body For Life again. And yes, I will finish. Then I will continue on to have … Continue reading →

6 Billion Lunatics

I was looking around the Net for some Buffy quotes to add to my facebook profile the other day. I had completely forgot about one the greatest quotes ever from Buffy. This was from Season 5. I forgot which episode. Glory: Funny. 'Cause I look around at this world you're … Continue reading →