First Day Back, Nothing Exciting

Yes, once again it has been a long day. Honestly, though, it is always a long day. Of course, it was the first day of classes this semester, my first day back to work at the library, and my first day working out since last Monday (Wednesdays are leg days, I’ll be sore in the morning).

I wasn’t particularly impressed with any of my professors today. Well, maybe my Newswriting teacher. He might just turn out to be a fun guy. Only time will tell. I’m not going to go through each minute of my first day back in school though. There’s no point. Besides, the classes that I’m actually excited about, Technology, Literacy, & Culture and Fiction Writing I, are tomorrow. Maybe that motivation I’ve been searching for will turn up then.

I am excited about classes starting back up, no matter how unenthusiastic I sound about it. It’s just nice to know that I will be doing something besides work and watching TV. If nothing else, my life will have something resembling meaning once again.

As usual, I’m typing this the last minute I have of the day. It’s time for me to get to bed, of course.