One Class On Friday

I’m trying this new thing—going to bed at a decent hour. I actually got in bed a little after 9:00 last night. Of course, I won’t quite make that kind of timing tonight, but I’m about to get under the sheets.

I do have good news. I only have one class on Friday. One class. That essentially gives me a four-day weekend because Monday is Labor Day. So, after I get off of work tomorrow at 5:30, I’ll almost be a free man. I doubt I’ll have much to do for Newswriting for Friday. Actually, there’s a good chance I’ll have absolutely nothing to do, seeing as how we haven’t had any homework yet in that class. We’re going over what our professor calls “The Other Ten Commandments,” and we’re only on the fifth commandment. This is after a week-and-a-half of classes. If I go by what we’ve done so far, we won’t actually start doing any work until the third week of school or so.

Off to bed I go…