The 30 Hour Day

There isn’t enough time in the day. I can tell it’s already going to be a long week for me. Wednesday, I have an article due for Newswriting, which I spent about an hour working on tonight. Thursday, I need to have a rough draft of a short story for Fiction Writing I ready for my teacher conference. The actual story is due next Tuesday. And finally, Friday, I have my second German II test. Yes, it will be a long week. And I’m just trying to set aside a little time to blog.

I honestly think I need 30 hours in a day. That would be ideal for me. Of course, if there was 30 hours in a day then we would be expected to work an extra two, go to class another two, and somebody, somewhere would try and take the last two free hours away somehow. I’m sure of it. In my ideal world, I would have those extra six hours to do with as I please. I could watch a little TV. Browse the internet once in a while. Actually cook a good meal for supper. Relax.

But, I don’t live in my ideal world. Somebody decided it would be ideal to for class to take up a certain amount of hours a day. Work a certain amount of hours. Leaving only a miniscule amount of time to spend at home. Now, I must go to bed and squeeze in the few hours I am allotted for the night.