February 2007

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Changing My Life, Again

Yesterday, I told myself that I was going to change my life. Today, I told myself that I wish I didn’t say that. I’m restarting my Body for Life program. This change has been a long while coming, and I should’ve started back months ago. But, there’s nothing I can … Continue reading →

Make Your MySpace Profile Look Like Facebook

Download Facebook Mimic version 1.2.1 ([download#26#hits]) Get the new version (2.0): Get version 2.0 here. (Also, ask all support questions about version 2.0 at that post). Version 1.2.1 Fixed the text-alignment problem that arose for some reason. Version 1.2 Fixed the background color. It is now white again. Fixed the … Continue reading →

"I am morally without sin"

“I am morally without sin,” he said, looking down on a group of 50 or so students. He also said he was a “Christian,” and he “has to listen to loud-mouthed women every day.” That was Wednesday. Today, he was shouting back at Auburn University students who were traveling between … Continue reading →

A History of the Shaved Heads of Female Stars

It’s no secret that Britney Spears might have lost her mind. It’s no secret that she partied with Paris Hilton, and didn’t wear any undies while doing it. It’s certainly no secret that Britney shaved her own head last Friday, then continued over to an L. A. tattoo parlor to … Continue reading →

Vet Sues IBM For $5 Million, Claims Net Addiction

An IBM employee fired in May 2003 for allegedly visiting an adult chat room while at work is suing the company on grounds of the American with Disabilities Act. James Pacenza, a 58-year-old man from Montgomery, Ala., says he is an Internet addict, and this is a disability resulting from … Continue reading →

New Phone: iPhone or BlackJack or Treo?

I’ve been peeking around the market for a new cell phone lately. I have service with Cingular, and I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Apple iPhone, Samsung BlackJack, and the Palm Treo 680. I’ve been so out of touch with certain parts of the technological world lately that I … Continue reading →

Yes, a new theme. This one is geared a little more toward the blogosphere. I might make a few adjustments here and there though. It’s made for screen resolutions larger than 800x600. As always, feel free to report any bugs you find with it.

Thursday 13 - I Do/Don't Like This Semester

I don't like that I had to buy two copies of Wuthering Heights for The 19th Century British Novel. The on-campus bookstore should've had the correct version to start with. I do like my Bible as Literature class. There's way too much homework, but I enjoy learning new things about … Continue reading →

Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, I should say Happy Birthday Papa! Today is my grandfather’s birthday. I’m not really sure how old he is. Sixty-something. And he has the easiet birthday in my family to remember. So, I have no excuses if I forget to call. I finally got him on … Continue reading →

I saw this video a few days ago, and I keep forgetting to post it. It really makes you feel good about being a part of the Web.