Changing The Site, Again

I’m thinking of making some changes around the site. Right now, I feel like my designs are kind of cramped by the Google ads. I feel like I’ve been trying to design around them instead of integrating them into my design.

I know, I change this site a lot. Anyone who’s been here more than once has probably noticed that by the second time they’ve come, if they’re at the right site. I’m always searching for the perfect theme that represents me and allows for easy navigation. I don’t like to have a lot of links all over the page, but I have a lot of stuff.

Right now, I might get rid of the Google ads altogether. Either that, or integrate them into individual blog posts somehow. I will be using them over at Books In Bed if I ever get that site completely running.

I just want a site that’s easy to roam around in. Something that feels free. Something without any restraint whatsoever.

So, any ideas? Let me hear your suggestions. Tell me what you do or don’t like about the site. I won’t be offended. This is for the betterment of the Web after all.

By the end of this weekend (Maybe next weekend), you’ll not only notice a different, but better website.