Graduation invitation: Round #2

A few weeks ago, I showed you the first round of design ideas for my brother’s graduation invitations. We decided on the third design, which no one seemed to favor. Granted, I didn’t have a good photo to work with at the time, so it wasn’t my favorite either. The … Continue reading →

I’ve finally finished the site. This was something I was supposed to do about three months ago. Just click the link and join the community. Well, join me because there is no community yet.

Changing The Site, Again

I’m thinking of making some changes around the site. Right now, I feel like my designs are kind of cramped by the Google ads. I feel like I’ve been trying to design around them instead of integrating them into my design. I know, I change this site a lot. Anyone … Continue reading →

Yes, a new theme. This one is geared a little more toward the blogosphere. I might make a few adjustments here and there though. It’s made for screen resolutions larger than 800x600. As always, feel free to report any bugs you find with it.