Back From Spring Break & A New Theme

So, I’m finally getting around to blogging this week. Yes, it’s been a long absence, and I know I said I’d be back on Monday or Tuesday. I actually did come home on Tuesday, but I’ve been lazier than I’ve ever been this week.

I have accomplished a few things though. Let’s get those out of the way before I get into a long, boring post. First, I moved my sister’s site, Amy N. over to my hosting account, and updated her theme. Which, by the way, is my first official Wordpress theme. I know I’ve done “themes” or “styles” before, but you have to remember that I’ve always used my own style/skin/theme system.

That brings me to my next point. I’m now moving over to Wordpress themes. That’s the final step in completely moving my entire site over Wordpress. Well, a few things will stay like they are.

If you haven’t noticed, the site has a new look. You should see the Faded Green Leaf Theme. It’s my first Wordpress theme for this site. Completely built from the ground up.

I’ve had a lot of fun in these last few days building a couple of Wordpress themes. They’re just so flexible. I have a few complaints with the sidebar/menu/navigation system, but nothing worth noting right now. I think I may start making themes to release to the public because I’ve seen some pretty crappy ones around. Not saying I’m the best theme designer around or anything. I learned a lot from WP Designer about building themes. A lot of it I knew, but some stuff I didn’t know (widgetizing the sidebar was very helpful).

I might release my current theme to the public, but there’s a few things I have to do to make it user-friendly. Let me know what you think about the it.

I haven’t done anything on Books In Bed this week. Like I said, I’ve been lazy. It is Spring Break though.

I went home last Saturday and stayed until Tuesday. Did I get in touch with my roots as I thought I might when I posted The Captain Of My Soul? I’m not sure. There were times when I felt right at home. Other times, I felt like it was the last place I wanted to be. I enjoyed seeing my family (for the most part) and friends. I got my first round of golf in since about early November of last year. I won’t bother mentioning my score. It’s too embarrassing.

This week has done me some good though. I don’t think I’ve been stressed out once. I’ve slept more than I have in months. I watched the first two seasons and part of the third of Dawson’s Creek, half the first season of Rome, and about half a season (series) of Firefly. I really need to branch out into some new shows. Which is why earlier tonight I bought the first two seasons of The Office.

Okay, so I’ve mostly watched TV during my week off. Some might argue that it’s not good for me, but I’ll have to disagree with that notion. I’m totally relaxed right now.

I’ll try to get around to everyone’s blogs that I’ve avoided for the past week. I’m interested in seeing what’s been going on in the blogosphere.