April 2007

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My Last Day Of Class

Today was my last day of class in college, at least until I eventually come back. It’s also the day before my birthday. I thought about not blogging today in remembrance of the Virginia Tech victims, and participating in One Day Blog Silence. Well, I’ve been silent long enough since … Continue reading →

Sometimes You Gotta Say, "What The F-Bomb"

Or, as Joel’s dad mentions, “Sometime’s you just gotta say, ‘What the heck.’” Today I said it. Well, I said what Joel’s dad said. I just don’t think the F-bomb rolls off my countrified tongue as nice. “What the heck” is much more poetic, don’t you think? Have to write … Continue reading →

A Little Low on Life, Liberty, & Happiness

He looked over at me, hands on his hips, and said, “It looks like your radiator is leaking.” “We got some leakage,” the man below said, referring again to the antifreeze oozing out of my car. I figured they’d say I was a little low on oil, which was why … Continue reading →

Reaching Darkness: WordPress Theme

Theme Information: Description: A 900px, fixed-width, dark, grayish, widget-ready, rounded corners, 3-column design. Designed to get a lot of information on the page in a clean and organized manner. License: GPL Requirements: Wordpress 2.1+ Support: Support forums Download Theme ([download#23#hits]) | Test Theme Download and demo currently not available. Other … Continue reading →

The Guidebook To Dating My Best Friend

We’ve all had friends and even best friends fall off the face of the earth once they’ve managed to attract a member of the opposite sex. At least we guys have. I don’t know how this works in female circles. I call this the Curse of the Best Friend’s Girlfriend. … Continue reading →

List Subpages With Descriptions: WordPress Plugin

This is my very first WordPress plugin! It’s a very simple plugin, and I made it mainly for use on my blog. The function of this plugin is to list a WordPress Page’s subpages in an unordered list with a description of each one. Here’s an example of what it … Continue reading →

Top 5 TV Shows

This week over at Mundane Monday we’re listing our Top 5 TV Shows. Anyone who knows me, will understand that this is a hard decision because I have 100+ TV series on DVD. However, they also know that there’s a few shows that will always be my favorites. So, here’s … Continue reading →

Blogging Simply: WordPress Theme

Theme Information: Description: A simple, imageless, widget-ready, fluid, 3-column design. It's beauty lies in its simplicity and soothing colors. License: GPL Requirement(s): Wordpress 2.1+ Support: Support forums Download Theme ([download#22#hits]) | Test Theme This is my second Wordpress theme. I hope everything works right. I’m always assuming something will go … Continue reading →

I'll Return To The Blogosphere Soon

Yes, that’s right. I’ll be back to blogging very, very soon. Life’s just been non-stop this week. I’ve probably had, at most, an hour of downtime today. I’ve been going since 5:30 this morning. A good part of tomorrow will be the same, but I should have a few minutes … Continue reading →

Attack Of The Email Forward!

This past week I found this picture waiting in my inbox from my Uncle David. So, I decided to use it for this week’s Mundane Monday: Attack of the Email Forward! You can join in the game at Mundane Monday, a new meme for bloggers to participate in. … Continue reading →