Reaching Darkness: WordPress Theme

Theme Information:

Download and demo currently not available.

  • Other Features: Clean and organized list of all posts in the "archive" and "category" pages with their date, time, and number of comments.
  • Notes: It's very important that you look over the "readme.txt" file. Only "Sidebar 2" and "Sidebar 4" are widget-ready.

I must mention that I got the idea for the menu from Veerle’s Blog.

Also, to use this theme with the multi-column category and links lists, you’re going to need the Multi-Column Category List Plugin and the Multi-Column Links List Plugin. Both of these are packaged with the theme for your convenience. You don’t have to use the plugins, and I have error-proofed the theme in case you don’t use them. That way, you won’t get any PHP errors.

This is my third Wordpress theme. I wanted to go with something dark this time because I think that I fall short when designing dark themes sometimes. So, this was a challenge for me to overcome. I think I done fairly well.

Usually, I try to keep all themes either fluid or 800px wide. I didn’t feel I could do that with this theme because of what I wanted to get on the page. Therefore, if you have a lot of 800x600 users, I wouldn’t recommend using it.

As always, leave a comment either praising me or telling me what I’ve done wrong. If you have problems, please let me know so that I can fix it for the rest of the community.

Update: (April 26, 2007)

I’ve made some major changes, and now have released Version 1.1. The most important changes I should note are that I have dropped support for the Multi-Column Category and Links plugins. This was because I couldn’t get a simple reply to a question I had about a bug with the Multi-Column Links Plugin. Also, I may change this to a fluid width layout in the future if there’s enough people who want it.