Simply Tree Light: WordPress Theme

Theme Information:

This is my fourth Wordpress theme for public release. For anyone who’s been following my releases, you probably noticed its similarity to my Blogging Simply Theme. The idea was actually based off its design. Mythusmage was asking for a basic four-column theme on the Wordpress support forums, and I responded with the idea to convert the Blogging Simply theme to four columns. That’s how this theme came into being.

I also made a darker version of this, which I will release sometime in the near future. It’ll be called Simply Tree Dark. Basically it’s just a darker green background on the content section with a white font color. I might decide to create a series called The Blogging Simply series using this same basic template to offer a wide variety of colors and columns. We’ll just have to see. If you would like me to do this, let me know.

As always, complain in the comments section about the things I screwed up. Or, you know, tell me how great a designer I am.