Magtastic: WordPress Theme

Theme Information:

  • Description: A 920px, fixed-width, 2-column, widget-ready theme. Its focus is for fun news blogs and sites. Features a custom home page, sidebars, and templates.
  • Requirement(s): Wordpress 2.1+
  • Download Theme ([download#17#hits]) | Live Demo

Free header image:

The first 20 people that request it, will get a free header image customized by me. Nothing complicated, just something that looks like the header on the live demo.


  • Newspaper- / Magazine-style layout with a customized front page.
  • Feature article listed on front page with a thumbnail.
  • Specific styles for each type of page (category, archive, etc.).
  • Customized sidebars for different pages of the site.
  • Integrated WordPress 2.3 tag support.
  • Placeholder divs for ads. Great sidebar sizes for Google AdSense ads.
  • Three different sidebars that are all widget-ready.
  • DomTab for the for the front page to allows users to quickly access information.
  • Photoshop .psd files included for customizing your own images.

Need To Know:

  • You should at least glance at the readme.txt file because it explains in detail how to use the features of this theme.
  • See how to use optional excerpts to make a cleaner blog when using this theme.
  • Learn how to upload images.
  • Read up on using custom fields.
  • Get the latest version of WordPress to make use of tags.


I started working on this theme immediately after I finished Newspaperize. I had a lot of issues with that theme that I tried to correct with this theme. Some problems were fixed easily. But, I also created a few other problems.

This is simply the journey of theme designing, I suppose.

For the most part, I’m satisfied with how this turned out. I’m not as satisfied as I was with Newspaperize, but I did reach a little outside the box as far as design and color schemes go with Magtastic. I wanted to brighten things up a little, add some color, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

This theme’s a little “out there” for me, but I had fun with it. I’m sure there are millions of tiny bugs crawling around in it, so feel free to report them all.

Also, I will customize a header image for the first twenty people that ask for it here in the comments (I mean that I will just change the text in the image to your site name and add your site description if you want it).