New "super theme" on the way

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately — like not keeping on a regular blogging schedule — then you should know that I’ve been hard at work on a new WordPress theme.

I present to you the Options Theme. Here’s a live demo.

What you see there is only a small sampling of what the new theme will be like. Heck, even this theme got its own subdirectory in my site.

I’m still working on getting a few kinks out. One in particular is the paragraphs not displaying correctly in IE with Smooth Gallery. I may end up going another route with that functionality. I haven’t done extensive testing in any browser except Firefox, so I hope you’re viewing with that browser. If you’re not, and you’re having problems, tell me what they are. Then, go download Firefox.

Why is it called the Options theme?

Because you’ll have more options than ever before. It’s like Structure on steroids.

I won’t reveal all the details until I get this thing released sometime this week, so if you want to see it released quicker, tell me about any bugs you find.

What's left?

I have to do a lot of testing to make sure everything’s working correctly. I’m also releasing this theme with at least two separate stylesheets (will release more periodically). I’ve got a few more functions to code and I’ll be through.

Tell me what you think thus far and persuade me to work faster.