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Options theme: A WordPress theme with more options than I can count

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  • Description: Too many options to count.
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I’m not even sure where to begin when I type “features” because it would be a daunting task to type them all out. Here’s some things you can play around with, but there’s so much more you can do.

This theme comes packaged with three different stylesheets, Dark, Light, and Blue Danube, which you can choose through the theme options page. Plus, users can share styles without the need to change any of the code in the backend. It’s all controlled from your control panel.

Home page layout sections:
There are five sections, or blocks, on the home page layout. From the theme options page, you can choose from many different options for each of the sections.

  • Five types of post sections (can be controlled by category/tag/author).
  • Three types of feature sections.
  • Two types of video sections.
  • Excerpts.
  • Full posts.
  • Author, category, and tag clouds.
  • Latest gallery of Flickr photo stream.
  • Three customizable sections.

The theme includes customizable, widget-ready sidebars. There are quite a few pre-built widgets for your use.

  • Tabs.
  • Multiple ad widgets.
  • Tag cloud.
  • Latest gallery or Flickr photo stream.
  • Recent posts.
  • Recent video by post or non-posted video
  • Feed and email subscriptions.
  • Customizable widgets.

Supported plugins

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I’ve felt a need for a while to come up with something a little more original. There’s always that pressure to top yourself each time you design a new theme when you’ve release a few that’ve had thousands upon thousands of downloads.

Not too long ago, I got tired of creating new themes but basically using the same ol’ code. I wanted to really push the WordPress system. Thus, the Options theme was born.

The idea behind the Options theme is that I can continually build upon the code. It offers me a way to continue getting better at PHP and gives users a way to update their theme once in a while. This also allows me to put more focus on design. Now that I’ve got this theme to work with, I can continually create new stylesheets for it without having to create an entirely new theme.

Mostly, I just want to see where this project goes. I’ve been working on it non-stop for two weeks, trying to get things to work correctly. I just had to make myself stop and finally release the theme. It’s not complete by far, but that’s the beauty of the Options theme. It will never be complete because I want to continue updating its functionality and adding new styles.

I really want to push the community-driven aspect of this theme through the forums. There’s so much that’s possible with the theme that a community could be built around it.

Now, I know quite a few people have been waiting on this theme for almost a week now. Well, here it is! Let’s go bug hunting and see what else we can come up with for the theme.