Good & Evil WordPress theme release

Good & Evil

For those of you that missed the announcement over at the new site, Theme Hybrid, I recently released my first exclusive members child theme for Options.

I know this is a theme release many Options users have been waiting patiently for me to put together for a long time — it’s a dark theme but the content is set on a white background.

You can read the release post or view the demo.

This is an exclusive club theme, so only users with an upgraded membership can download the theme. So, if you haven’t signed up yet, head over to the theme club page and register!

How this thing works

Good & Evil is a child theme of Options, which means that it uses all of the Options theme functions to work.

Basically, each exclusive-member theme plugs into one of the free themes offered. You first install the free parent theme. Then, you install and activate your child (exclusive) theme, which gives you all kinds of possibilities.

A child theme can be as simple as a highly-customized stylesheet to offering extra widgets, new page templates, or loads of other things.

There’ll be plenty more exclusive themes in the coming months. I have several under heavy development at the moment (there’s even a grunge theme in the works for those of you that like that style).