Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework

Hybrid theme framework screenshot

I just announced the release of the Hybrid WordPress theme at Theme Hybrid.

I wanted to also point this out on my blog here because this theme is what I’ve been working on for just over four months.

I’ve learned more about coding in those four months than I’ve learned in the past four years, studying every little piece of code I could get my hands on, digging through the core WordPress files to find functions I never knew existed.

It’s the theme I’ve been building up my coding skills for years to develop. It’s the reason I love developing for WordPress so much.

This is actually version 0.3 of the theme, but I haven’t felt ready to publicly release it until now.

Why you need to try this theme out

It’s compatible with WordPress 2.5 - 2.7. Yes, that means you get threaded comments.

A lot of people will probably say the Options theme was the pinnacle of my theme development career. Hybrid is everything that Options is not.

It’s about SEO optimization. About ease of use. Pushing WordPress beyond what we’ve pushed it before.

It is the most powerful theme I’ve ever created, yet, it is simple to use.

And, there’s a few more features:

  • Created with child themes in mind. You won't lose your customizations with theme updates.
  • Theme options that are about your content and won't get in the way of design.
  • Advanced breadcrumb menu that handles every type of page.
  • Attachment pages that will show off just about any type of attachment file.
  • 13 page templates packaged with the theme.
  • Support for over 15 plugins out of the box.
  • And much more.

Theme information

I’ve released this theme under the GPL, which is the route I plan on taking with all future themes. This will be the framework that I hope to build 90% or so of my future themes upon.

I really hope you enjoy the theme. I’ve put a lot of work into it and plan on putting in even more.