Putting up a temporary redesign

Redesigning JustinTadlock.com

In my last post, I announced the release of my Hybrid theme framework, which is a damn sweet WordPress theme. I figured it was time to give it a live test run here on my own personal blog.

Plus, I was really tired of my last design. I simply needed a change.

This is more of a pit stop for my site though. This isn’t the final design, but it’s nice to look at something a little different for a change.

I also stole the header design idea from Cozmoslabs.

Why change if this isn’t the final design?

Other than needing change, I wanted to take advantage of some of the SEO benefits that weren’t included in my last design. Hybrid takes care of this need.

This theme makes things so much easier to use. I’ve always used custom fields to input things into the post, but the extra Hybrid meta box on the Write Post screen makes things much quicker.

I also wanted to see how quickly I could put together a child theme and write some custom functions for it. I think I finished in just under five hours. Granted, a much more complex design would take much longer. This let me see what types of things needed changing within the Hybrid theme itself.

This is the first time I’ve used widgets on my site. Widgets aren’t my thing because I like to have a lot more control, so I’ll be writing a custom function to handle a more dynamic sidebar. Or, maybe writing some custom widgets.

You definitely need to be using Hybrid

This blog is in no way representative of what you can actually do with the theme as this is just a personal blog.

So, hop on over to Theme Hybrid and grab the Hybrid theme to try it out for yourself.