Get the Image plugin update: A better image script for WordPress

The Get the Image plugin for WordPress is one of my favorite plugins because it handles all of the work when I need to display thumbnails on my site archives. It can do so much more than thumbnails though.

I was recently contacted about adding some extra features to the script for some client work. Fortunately for you all, the client agreed to let me release the changes back to the WordPress community in an update to the plugin.

What does the plugin do?

The plugin basically runs through a list of things, checking for an image:

  1. Check for images by custom field key.
  2. If no image, grab an attachment image.
  3. If no attachments, scan the post content for an image (new feature).
  4. If no images at this point, the script can be set to a default.

There’s also quite a few new features you can set:

  • Custom CSS class.
  • Order of attachment image to check for.
  • Image width.
  • Image height.
  • Ability to return for use in your own function.

Get the latest version

If you're using one of my themes, don't install this plugin as it is integrated into your theme.

All instructions are included in the readme.html file included with the download. It is especially important that you read this if you’re upgrading from a previous version as a few things have changed and you’ll need to update your template files.

  • Description: This is a highly intuitive script that gets an image either by custom field input or post attachment.
  • Version: 0.3
  • Requires: WordPress 2.5+
  • Support: Support forums
  • Download the plugin

Please don't use my contact page or the comments section below to ask support questions. Use my support forums at Theme Hybrid, which is where I handle all support questions for my WordPress projects.