My plugins are now hosted on the WordPress plugins repository

The time has finally come for me to get with the WordPress program and quit fighting it. Yep, I’ve added most of my plugins the WordPress plugin repository.

Why am I only now adding the plugins? I figured it was about time.

Mostly, it’s because several of you have asked if I would so you could keep track of updates more easily. My plugins will get a lot more exposure there. And, some of them are quite useful but aren’t getting to the right people. That’s pretty much the gist of it.

You’ll still be able to download the plugins from here if you want. You can also expect all future plugins to be hosted on

The first three plugins have already been added and updated. I'm still waiting to get the last two approved, which should be pretty soon.

Get the Image

Get the Image is an easy-to-use solution for adding things such as thumbnails and feature images along with your posts. Basically, it’s a plugin that gives a visual representation of your WordPress posts.

Cleaner Gallery

Cleaner Gallery cleans up the invalid XHTML created by the WordPress gallery shortcode and integrates nicely with numerous Lightbox-type scripts.

Widgets Reloaded

Widgets Reloaded gets rid of most of the default WordPress widgets and replaces them with super-powerful new ones. It allows you to use the widgets any number of times and gives you loads of options to customize each widget.

JavaScript Logic

JavaScript Logic is a plugin for conditionally adding JavaScript to your site. Using this plugin allows you to only load JavaScript files when they’re needed instead of on every page.

Widgets Reset

Widgets Reset is a simple plugin that completely resets all of your widgets. It’s ideal for those times when you switch themes and lose the ability to use a certain widget.

What’s coming in the future?

I have an update for Cleaner Gallery and Get the Image coming sometime soon. If you have any Lightbox-type scripts that you’d like to see Cleaner Gallery integrate with, it’d be a good time to let me know. Currently, Pirobox and Slimbox 2 are up for testing.

The Query Posts widget will be officially released in the next few days. The feedback everyone has given me has been helpful.

I also have a few other plugins that have been waiting around on my computer, gathering dust. I just haven’t had time to fully develop them. I’d like to put them out in the next few months.

Some of you may remember that I asked for new widget ideas last month. There are quite a few that I’d like to work on.