Query Posts Widget: WordPress Plugin

The Query Posts WordPress widget is finally here. I figured after I’ve let you all beta test this thing for over a month, it was about time.

This widget has everything you’ll ever need to show posts on your site without touching code. It’s like having a WordPress developer ready to do your bidding all wrapped up in a widget. All you need is a theme that’s widgetized, which I believe is pretty standard these days.

What does the Query Posts widget do?

It lets you displays posts by nearly any criteria you can imagine using the query_posts() function, except you don’t need to know anything about PHP to use it. You can do all kinds of neat things:

  • Posts by tag.
  • Posts by category.
  • Posts by author.
  • Posts by time/date.
  • Posts by custom field key and/or value.
  • Choose any number.
  • Order by various terms.
  • Show pages.
  • Show the full post, excerpt, or even order them in a list.
  • And much more...

Nearly 40 options are available in this widget, which you can use any number of times. Just check out the screenshot:

Query Posts WordPress Widget

Download the Query Posts widget

If you need more detailed instructions on how to use the plugin or don’t understand the settings, see the readme.html file included with the plugin download.


Please don't use my contact page or the comments section below to ask support questions. Use my support forums at Theme Hybrid, which is where I handle all support questions for my WordPress projects.

If you run across any bugs or want to share ideas about how to make this plugin better, feel free to post in the comments below.