Breadcrumb Trail: WordPress Plugin

One of the things I always try to include in all of my WordPress themes is a breadcrumb menu. That way, users don’t have to fiddle around in the template files and test out a lot of other plugins. So, I’ve been building up my breadcrumb script for well over a year now.

I figured it was about time to release it to everyone else.

I realize there’s quite a few other plugins out there that provide breadcrumb menus, so I’m not going to try and convince you why my plugin is better than any of the others. I’ll just let you test drive it yourself. Of course, if you’re using one of my themes, you don’t have to worry about installing it because it’s already built in for you.

What does this plugin do?

It gives you a new template tag called breadcrumb_trail() that you can place anywhere in your theme. Once that’s done, it’ll display a hierarchical menu of where the current visitor is on your site. It’s quite useful if you have more than a few pages or posts.

It’s a navigational tool that outputs something like this: Browse: Home / Page / Sub-page.

Of course, you can change the output and style it however you want. Full instructions on how to use the plugin are located in the readme.html file, which is in the plugin download.

If you’re a theme developer, a couple of extra filter hooks have been provided for you: breadcrumb_trail_args and breadcrumb_trail. This way, you can add support for the plugin to your theme and have a lot more control over its output.

Download the plugin

If you're using one of my WordPress themes, do not install this plugin. It is already built into your theme.

Please don't use my contact page or the comments section to ask support questions. Use my support forums at Theme Hybrid, which is where I handle all support questions for my WordPress projects.