Members plugin beta testing

Note that this plugin is out of beta testing. Thank you to everyone that helped squash bugs for the 0.2 release. You can get the latest version of the plugin from the plugin repository.

Late 2009 was the last time the Members plugin received a proper update. During that time, I’ve had a few offers to help add specific functionality to the plugin, which held back several updates. Unfortunately, none of those offers panned out like I’d hoped.

That’s no excuse for not bringing you updates, so I’ve been working diligently on updating the plugin to work better with WordPress 3.1 and 3.2. I haven’t added a ton of new features. The main focus has been on making the current features work better and making the admin easier to use.

I do vow to keep this plugin more regularly updated from here on out.

Beta testing

Before downloading the test version of this plugin, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Please only use this on a test installation of WordPress. It's not quite ready for live use yet.
  • The documentation is a bit out of date, but it will be updated in the official release.

I would love to get some feedback on how it works for you. Bonus points if you’re using an old version of the plugin on your test site and can tell me how the “Content Permissions” feature works with your older restricted posts.

Other than that, tell me about anything and everything that’s confusing or just doesn’t work.

Download the beta version

You can download the latest copy in zip format or get the trunk copy from my repository:

  • Download

Thank you to everyone that can take a few minutes and give this a test run.