Prevent Password Reset WordPress Plugin

Recently, I needed to build some functionality into a site that disabled the ability to reset the passwords of certain site administrators via the “lost password” form. However, I wanted to leave this option open for other users in case they needed to reset their password after forgetting it.

Thus, the Prevent Password Reset plugin was born.

How the plugin works

Prevent Password Reset is an extremely simple plugin. It adds a checkbox to the “Personal Options” section of each user’s profile page in the WordPress admin as shown in the following screenshot. Anyone who can edit the user’s profile can select this option for the user.

Screenshot of password reset option on user profile page

Once this option is selected for a user, their password cannot be reset via the “lost password” form. The following screenshot shows what happens when someone attempts to reset the password for a user with password preventing enabled.

Screenshot of password reset disabled

Download the plugin

You can download the latest version from the WordPress plugin repository: Prevent Password Reset Plugin. I hope you enjoy it and can get some type of use out of it.

Please do not ask support questions in the comments below. If you're in need of plugin support, head over to the Theme Hybrid support forums, which is where I handle support for all my plugins and themes.