Disable Post Format UI WordPress Plugin

And, for the simplest plugin I’ve ever created (it’s a one-liner), I introduce Disable Post Format UI.

I love that WordPress is all about the decisions over options mantra, but that sometimes means some users get stuck with stuff they don’t want. I figured there’s probably plenty of folks who aren’t that interested in post formats, so I made a quick plugin to disable the post format UI being introduced in WordPress 3.6.

You can grab a copy from the plugin page on Theme Hybrid or from WordPress.org.

What does the plugin do, exactly?

If you haven’t been keeping up with WordPress 3.6 development, you’re in for a treat. WordPress is finally doing something about those ambiguous post formats. From now on, all WordPress installs will support all post formats out of the box. They’ve done some cool UI work on the edit post screen in the admin to make post formats much more usable for the average user.

The following is a screenshot of what this looks like.

Screenshot of the WordPress post format UI

This plugin simply disables this new UI and its functionality for people who have no need for post formats.