Lake Blossoms

After the eight-day run it took to finish the sun and moon drawing for my sister, I needed a break from big projects. That is one of the reasons I am happy to have recently discovered the joy of working with soft pastels. I can work through a 9“x12“ sized drawing in a single session. It is low pressure. If I mess up too bad, there is no harm in just trashing it.

But, I am generally happy with my third soft pastel drawing. I followed through with a YouTube tutorial. Of course, mine is nowhere near as great as the original, but I am still learning.

The following is the end result:

The tools I used were:

This was my first time using the new pastel pad, having used both sketching and Bristol vellum paper in previous drawings. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. It was definitely a different surface, and I don’t know that it picked up color any better. It could have been the new pastels or even just me being a bit tired. I will definitely experiment more.