South Korea

The 14 months during 2007-2008 that I lived and taught English as a secondary language in South Korea.

WordPress Theme Club Launch

I told you I’d have a new theme club sometime or another, didn’t I? Well, here it is —

New theme directory

I just stopped by WordPress Extend to find a few “ideas” to rate down, which is part of my nightly routine. Tonight, I was a bit surprised to see that there was a new WordPress Themes Directory.

Got options?

No, this isn’t another post promoting my Options theme. It’s about theme options pages. Anybody that’s used one of my themes knows about the all-important theme options page, or, as I like to call it, the theme settings page.

Plugins that run my site

I recently came across a blog meme that was going around where WordPress bloggers were tagging each other and were asked to list their top three most underrated plugins. Unfortunately, no one tagged me.

Bringin' sexy to...bbPress?

“bbPress is still like the Wild West.” This is what Chris Hajer had to say about bbPress in a forum topic about a year ago.

First glimpses of Project M's design

After about six complete redesigns, I’m somewhat happy with the look I’ve come up with for Project M’s The good news for you all is that I’ll probably use some of those discarded designs in future themes. I’ve went from retro to corporate, from blog to magazine style, and this is what I’ve come up with.

Protecting text strings from theme upgrades

Have you ever wanted to change some text that reads “Continue reading” or “Post written by” in your WordPress theme to something a little different? That’s pretty easy to do if you just open up the appropriate PHP file and edit it. But what happens when the theme is updated with some cool, new feature or for the next version of WordPress? Well, you have to change that text all over again.

Showcasing another 10 great Options theme mods

Sometimes it sucks to be me. But in a really good way. Every day, I look at quite a few sites using the Options theme, and almost every day I’m surprised by what people are doing with it.