School & Books & More Books

Well, school has almost started. Less than eight hours from now I will be sitting in my first class. By the way, that motivation that I thought I had last night has now turned into mush. Really, I’m just tired. I had a really long day. Surely tomorrow things will … Continue reading →

Spinning Various Coins & Short Novels

Okay, this is going to be a short post. I’m really tired, and once again, late for bed. I actually wasted 20 minutes or so out of my life tonight. Danny and I, while trying to get his new puppy (no name for it so far) and my cats (Oly … Continue reading →

Summer Reading Project

I wanted to post on some of the odd things that I’ve found at the library lately, but my roommate, who has my scanner hooked up to his computer, didn’t scan the stuff right. And I’m not going to go and edit each and every one of them until they … Continue reading →

Ethnography, The Gatekeepers, & Creek Hill

Another day gone by. Another late night. It’s definitely time for me to go to bed. I worked on my ethnography project for a couple of hours tonight, and I was completely ticked off by something I had forgotten to do. I had saved my work on the Peavy family … Continue reading →

The Gatekeepers

I have decided to write in my little notepad my entries for my website. This way I can keep posting on the happenings of Thanksgiving week and then post them up when I get back to the luxury of my own home. I didn’t really feel like writing much tonight … Continue reading →

House of Hypocrites & Book Wish List

I have spent most of today in the library. What a waste? Maybe, maybe not. I finished about 1/4 (possibly) of my Gothic paper, and it’s due Thursday. The reason I am posting so early is, well, I’m taking a break from school, giving my brain a rest. And I … Continue reading →

Book Wish List & Boring School Post

Yet another day comes to an end. And what do I have to show for it? Not much. I did put together this nifty little Book Wish List for anyone who’s interested in helping me out in the way of purchasing one or some of these for me. I want … Continue reading →

The Book Club, Newsletter, & I Wanna Be A Poem

Yet again, another long day. Complete. Finished. As soon as this blog is over and done. I finally got through with my reading, for tonight, with The Picture of Dorian Gray and White Teeth for my Gothic and Contemporary British Literature classes, respectively. Both have been enjoyable reads so far. … Continue reading →