The year of the six-pack

My 22-week experience to a healthier lifestyle and my continuing journey to be completely ripped.

2011 Goals

My personal and some professional goals I have set for 2011 and how I fared in my 2010 goals.


The goals that I’d like to accomplish in my personal and online life in the 2010 year.

The Workout

I’m finally breaking down and getting up from the couch. It’s about time I get myself back into shape. Here’s my story.

10 Things You Can Do To Complicate Your Life

This is an article in response to 10 Things You Can Do Today To Simplify Your Life. We’re always trying to do things to simplify our lives. Why? Have our lives gotten more complicated? Let’s stop trying to make things so “Zen” or so simple. Let’s see how complicated we … Continue reading →

Changing My Life, Again

Yesterday, I told myself that I was going to change my life. Today, I told myself that I wish I didn’t say that. I’m restarting my Body for Life program. This change has been a long while coming, and I should’ve started back months ago. But, there’s nothing I can … Continue reading →