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  1. Alan Kellogg
    Alan Kellogg Published |

    And it turns out, I’m having problems with it.:sigh: Most likely having to do with my browser, Netscape 7.

    It is a good looking theme. Clean, mostly easy to read (on my iMac the lightgreen background is rendered as a medium-dark green, or it might be Netscape doing it), and pretty well organized. And it has a proper document header (which is not the same thing as a blog header.

    You’re looking for a four column theme, I recommend this one.

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  4. Alan Kellogg
    Alan Kellogg Published |

    Got an idea (I know, for someone of the advanced age of 53 like me, that’s dangerous), I activated Simply Tree Light at Mythusmage Opines. I’d like you to make a visit and see what you can see. If your browsers have no problems with it, then I need to save up with a new(er) iMac. Thanks.

  5. Alan Kellogg
    Alan Kellogg Published |

    Justin, you home?

  6. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Sorry, I just graduated on Thursday, and I’ve had a lot of company over for the last few days. This is the first time I’ve been online in the last few days. I checked your site, but I see you’ve went back to your last theme.

  7. Alan Kellogg
    Alan Kellogg Published |

    Sorry ’bout that. I did figure out what the dark band was all about, Sparm Karma 2’s spam caught count got displaced from the Footer. So I disabled that feature of the plug-in.

    I do have a few questions. Namely, I can’t seem to find where you define ‘menu’. Also, how do you increase the ‘height’ of the Header and Footer? Finally, I’d like to incorporate JPF’s Quotes in the Header to the right of the blog title. How do I do that?

    Congratulations on the lambskin. What’s next on your educational itinerary?

  8. Justin
    Justin Published |

    For some reason your comments keep getting caught up in my Akismet spam blocker, so I just got your comment.

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say you “can’t seem to find where I define ‘menu.'” There’s nothing called “menu.” There are 3 sidebar files (sidebar.php, sidebar2.php, and sidebar3.php). They are all called in footer.php. In style.css they’ll look like this: #sidebar, #sidebar2, #sidebar3.

    To increase the height of the header or footer, you can just add extra margin to #header or #footer in the style.css file. I recommend never putting an absolute height on those type of things. Well, almost never.

    As far as incorporating JPF’s Quotes in the header, I’ll have to look into it. It would take some changing around of a few things. I don’t really offer support for it (I’m assuming this is a plugin). My recommendations with plugins are generally to ask the plugin creator, but I can see how this is more of a designer’s area. Whenever I get a chance, I’ll see what I can do.

    Educational itinerary? Only time will tell.

  9. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Alan, I accidentally deleted your last comment about the “menu class” in the style sheet. Your comments keep getting caught in my Akismet spam blocker.

    Sorry about the confusion. I see what you’re talking about when you say “menu.” I forgot about it because I didn’t actually give it any style rules. It’s basically just a holder of each grouping in the sidebar. If you want to style it, just call it in the stylesheet by using this code:
    .menu { /* place code in here */ }

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  11. Alan Kellogg
    Alan Kellogg Published |

    I think I got flagged. Probably because I forgot to close that dang tag.

    Anyway, since I’m hopeless with coding, could you see your way free to coding the menu class? Add it to the theme, plus any other classes and IDs you think are appropriate, and call it Simply Tree 1.0.1.

  12. Justin
    Justin Published |

    All you have to do is open “style.css” in notepad or some other text editor like that and add this code:
    .menu { }

    If you’re hopeless with coding, then you wouldn’t be using that class for anything anyway. It would be pointless to add an empty element to the stylesheet. I don’t want to add an empty style element to the stylesheet because it serves no purpose except for adding bits of information that a browser has to download every time a new page is open. No one needs it, except for in the case of knowing how to write code.

  13. alex
    alex Published |

    me acabo de topar con tu tema y lo estoy usando en mi blog, en un rato que tenga cambiare algunas cosas a español

    saludos desde Mexico

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  15. Alan Kellogg
    Alan Kellogg Published |

    Now I’m having trouble with a Technorati widget. Something about an undefined function in the menu-header PHP.

  16. neoen
    neoen Published |

    I use this great theme, but there are some problems:
    1) Undefined class wp-smileys, but I repaired it by adding it to css file and then style converted smileys.
    2) When there is 1 comment (see my first post on webpage), then “1 Comment” link on homepage (under excerpt) is moved to another row.
    3) When you click on some link, then Javasript error in left down corner appears (Line:19, Char:47, Error:’this.href’ is null or not object
    4) In my sidebar, there is Akismet icon. But this icon is somehow trimmed from the lower side.
    Thank you for your help with this great Wordpress theme…

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  24. James
    James Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Am trying to doctor your excellent theme a little to meet my requirements (hope you don’t mind). I cannot find anywhere however in the styles.css, where the background color is for the heading names, i.e. that light brown colour behind the word ‘pages’, ‘categories’, ‘meta’ etc.

    Can you direct me please?



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  32. Duenpen
    Duenpen Published |

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  35. James Spratt
    James Spratt Published |

    Have bastardized this theme almost out of recognition now:


    There seems to be a great lack of 4 columned themes out there, and tell me if I’m wrong but still think I’ve managed to keep this looking clean.

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