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  1. K
    K Published |

    IMO, I will always use the 3rd party for videos, that way it’s easy to find things that would interest you. On the other hand, your own video won’t hurt your “theme” of blogging either.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yeah, I love YouTube. I spend way too much time there instead of working on this blog. Whenever I upload my own videos, I think I might provide a link to the YouTube versions also. I haven’t worked out all the things I want to do just yet.

  3. Phil
    Phil Published |

    Justin, this is a long time ago, so im hoping you have pushed on with it, but what is the score, did you add it to your next magazine theme?

    Im looking to host my own videos, and need to route to run down, I was hoping to use you as my guide with this one after reading this post.

  4. usha
    usha Published |

    i always wanted to upload my own videos. but never could do it. I will use your article as my support and start it. Thanks

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