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  1. Guillermo
    Guillermo Published |

    Wow! Very nice all of them… I like it specially FanDominion, Inside Pigeon Forge, and the beauty bunny.
    Great works

  2. TheWeeJenny
    TheWeeJenny Published |

    Thanks so much for the feature! I’m really chuffed. Blushing even. ^_^

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Ohhh my site is here!!!, thank you!.

  4. Carson
    Carson Published |

    Your options theme is a diamond in the rough. It’s amazing and this showcase really makes it shine!

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Thanks for the inclusion Justin!!!! It was a very cool surprise.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    You mean the other design with the flowers at top?

  7. SmockLadys
    SmockLadys Published |

    Wow, Justin. I’m honored you included my hubby’s eMag. I designed/manage it and he writes. I feel like such a noob, too. Thanks. I’m looking forward to working on upgrading it this weekend to v1.2. I’m still trying to get the subscription plugin and feature gallery to play nice in IE.

    Again, thanks for showcasing us; all these others are so great!

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Yes are tree, my english allways so good and I said flowers hahahaha. I do not go to use more this design with the tree and the bluw background. I will prepare for share in the forum the style.

  9. TGJ Listed In Theme Showcase | TheGeorgiaJukebox.com
  10. JacksonTrailMedia
    JacksonTrailMedia Published |

    Awesome surprise Justin! These are all great themes. Options is a very easy wordpress theme to customize.

  11. Christine
    Christine Published |

    The Beauty Bunny has my vote, love the clean look, makes the header image (which is outstanding) really stand out.

    Baby Jane has a cool header image too…

  12. gofree
    gofree Published |

    FanDominion, you have my vote – attractively catching: banner πŸ˜‰

  13. The-Elder
    The-Elder Published |

    It’s amazing to see such creativeness – fantastic work on all of them and those that are not listed at this time too.

    I’m delighted to see my website showcased – many thanks Justin, and many thanks to all using Options for the knowledge sharing and fine inspiration.

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  15. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    My! My site look cool, it will be very pleasantly, if you add binaries.ru to your next mod digest)

  16. Showcasing and validation:
    Showcasing and validation: at |
  17. Madhu Rao
    Madhu Rao Published |

    Oops, did not see this prior to my previous comment. If you deem it worthy, would like to submit my site for consideration as well Justin.

    INDIMAG — http://www.indimag.com


  18. critiq
    critiq Published |

    Great works! Thanks!

  19. Will
    Will Published |

    I love these. πŸ˜€

    It’d be nice to get the theme files themselves. Would there be a place to upload your Options theme stylesheets on Project M?

  20. Kay Kastum
    Kay Kastum Published |

    Mine’s just a crappy header. But I lurv your options Theme man!

  21. Missy (from Bloggers Search)
    Missy (from Bloggers Search) Published |

    I love your work, i had originally found you via your Structure theme. This NEW! one (Options) is just as solid. Will use it on an upcoming new blog of mine. Nice!


  22. Roxanne
    Roxanne Published |

    Thanks for sharing the options themes. I love the Baby Jane network style. Is it easy to add this to a website?

  23. Anthony
    Anthony Published |

    I worked on the Pigeon Forge site listed in the showcase and we ended up taking what we learned and implemented it into the hybrid framework and came up with what you can find at the myrtle beach coupons website. We just removed some of the “heavy” stuff such as the slider, images, video, etc to make it load faster which helped search engine crawl rates.

    Great job, Justin, through all these years providing awesome themes, frameworks, tips, support, etc!!! THANK YOU!


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