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  1. The Frosty @WPCult
    The Frosty @WPCult Published |

    Very nice!!
    I would love to include this into some themes!

  2. mkjones
    mkjones Published |

    Woh….. This looks really, really nice 🙂

    This could quite easily replace the need for ever diving into PHP coding just to display alternative post/page views. As part of a theme this would be seriously revolutionary for a lot of users.

  3. Tibor
    Tibor Published |

    Thank you SO much! This is going to save me a lot of headaches and time.

  4. rgregory
    rgregory Published |

    I hate to ask this, but could you show an example or two of this in action. I’m a fledgling WP user, having just discovered it a few months ago. I’m handy with HTML and CSS so much that I teach it and can do what I want with it, now I’m trying to come to grips with the power of WP. I just can’t get my head around what this plug-in allows, an example would be great!

  5. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    @ rgregory and Justin,

    I am working on a quick tutorial video for your plugin. Awesome, awesome stuff Justin. Probably one of the most powerful WP plugins to date!

  6. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    Will do Justin…

  7. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    I’ve made a quick video overview. It only outlines the interface and I use just a simple query example, but I plan to make a few more videos after I explore the plugin a little further.

    Hopefully this will help users to visualize the power of this plugin.

    Video Here:

  8. The Frosty @WPCult
    The Frosty @WPCult Published |

    Yeah, your probably right. But I would definitely build a theme with this plugin in mind, and ask anyone to download it.

  9. baron
    baron Published |

    Works great, thank you

  10. dinu
    dinu Published |

    testing this now .. looks quite useful 🙂

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  12. rgregory
    rgregory Published |

    @Adam Warner – Thanks for that Adam! It’s a great start. I can’t wait to see the next installment.

    @Justin – Now all we need is a plug in that allows you to insert a widget with some shortcode! So you can use this in the body of the page without hacking.

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  14. Esteban Rojas
    Esteban Rojas Published |

    This plugin is amazing Justin, you are a crack 🙂

    You have a very insteresting blog.


  15. Jonas
    Jonas Published |

    Just a quick question – is it possible to create a loop with related content to a post with this plugin? For example list all posts that belongs to the same tags or categories?

  16. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    The video overview above is now available on WordPress.tv here, http://wordpress.tv/2009/03/17/using-the-query-posts-widget-plugin-video-overview-tutorial/

  17. MichaelH
    MichaelH Published |

    Just a note–because the plugin zip does not have the files in a sub-folder you get the error message “Plugin file does not exist.” when you install this plugin using the “Install a plugin in .zip format” option in 2.7.1.

  18. Jonas
    Jonas Published |

    Justin – Yep, there are a lot of plugins that do that. However most of them suck and I just wanted to know if the Query Posts Widget could figure out which categories or tags that is attached to a current post and then display other posts that matches.

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  23. sriraj
    sriraj Published |

    What if my home page is grid based showing 1 post from each category. How can this plugin make it look more beautiful?

  24. Renato
    Renato Published |

    I liked the plugin a lot. It opens up very exciting possibilities for widget areas all over the theme. Thanks for that!

    Localization didn’t work for me, though.

  25. Jeff
    Jeff Published |


    VERY nice addition…

    I would like to know if it would be possible to have this output horizontally so that I could have it show let’s say 5 recent posts across the top of my homepage under the header?? I realize it’s setup to display in a sidebar but horizontally would be TERRIFIC. I’m a total noob at coding.


  26. Claude Gelinas
    Claude Gelinas Published |

    Woa! This plug-in is a real show stopper.

    On one of my blogs, I’ve been scratching my head as to how I could spin older content into new indexes that visitors would find useful and your plug-in is helping me do just that.

    Thanks for sharing it with us ; )

  27. hafe
    hafe Published |

    hello may ask you how to create tht query, im still newbies in wordpress can you teach me

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  29. Simon
    Simon Published |

    Hi – cud u plse explain if we can display ‘pages;
    – not posts?

  30. WPCrowd
    WPCrowd Published |

    Thanks for plugin. Keep the great work.

  31. Simon Hammerton
    Simon Hammerton Published |

    Hi Justin – sorry to be painful – currently we are just getting posts showing up – where do i change the option to ‘pages”


  32. Simon Hammerton
    Simon Hammerton Published |

    Further to my comment – wud you be a able to ad all the ‘posts” option – to the pages options – as a commercial project” – ie sort by pages by menu order and meta key or tag etc

  33. Tinh
    Tinh Published |

    It is excellent, it has been a long-awaited plugin finally out. Thanks

  34. Simon Hammerton
    Simon Hammerton Published |

    Hi Justin – just hoping you can get back to me in terms of request above – cud u possibly email me so we can discuss offline?

  35. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    Another video, this time showing how to use the Query Posts Widget plugin, Hybrid Widgetized Page Templates, and the Widget Logic plugin to create pages containing any combination of posts you can imagine.


  36. tobias
    tobias Published |

    I really think if you get to this stage you should turn to a CMS like drupal with it’s awesome views module

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  38. John Myrstad
    John Myrstad Published |

    This is a really nice plugin and makes intelligent use of widgets so much easier.

    I`d like to propose an enhancement for “Display” option:

    Is it possible to make a feature to show “the_content” without Page title etc, just the main content ? If yes, it would make it so much easier to edit “widget areas” content for clients/users.

    John Myrstad

  39. Kurtlar Vadisi
    Kurtlar Vadisi Published |

    Great plugin! very very thanks.. 🙂

  40. mario
    mario Published |

    hello Justin
    thx for a really nice plugin..
    im trying to utilize it best i can.
    though i noticed small syntax error in tihs line of readme.txt file:
    ‘after_title’, => ”
    i guess it should be
    ‘after_title’ => ”,

    im trying to build template so i can put Query Post to content page area. I hope ill succeed! 🙂

    i created page-widgets.php templates in my theme folder (i copied page.php file and entered this part
    But when i try to Add new page from template dropdown menu this new page-widgets.php is not recognized. Am i doing smt wrong?

  41. mario
    mario Published |

    it should be:
    …small syntax error in tihs line of readme.txt file:
    ‘after_title’, => ‘{/h3}’
    i guess it should be
    ‘after_title’ => ‘{/h3}’,

    i created page-widgets.php templates in my theme folder (i copied page.php file) and entered this part {?php dynamic_sidebar( ‘widgets-template’ ); ?}
    But when i try to Add new page from template dropdown menu this new page-widgets.php is not recognized. Am i doing smt wrong?

  42. mario
    mario Published |

    oh i got it!
    i read carefully this post on your site…
    Page templates: The untapped potential of WordPress
    thx ill c if i can get through.. 🙂

  43. Cirurgia Plastica
    Cirurgia Plastica Published |

    Thats a pretty advanced plugin! Loved it, the seo potential of it is fabulous! It will really help my blog!

  44. tom mills
    tom mills Published |


    First of I love this plug-in and am very happy, so thank you ! I am having a couple of problems though.

    1. As its a widget and I wanted the posts to appear in the main page area, I decided to put it in ‘page top’ it appears fine but always with a sidebar regardless of me writing in functions.php not to display a sidebar on that page, example http://www.panoraks.co.uk/virtual-tours/fpp/

    2. When the list is displayed in page top widget area there is always 1 extra post appearing underneath, example on homepage http://www.panoraks.co.uk

    Many thanks,


  45. tom mills
    tom mills Published |

    is there a way to have this plug-in working for pages as well as widget areas ?

  46. tom mills
    tom mills Published |

    maybe a shortcode for query_posts that you can place easily in page admin. I’ve just been reading about your Template Tag Shortcodes.

  47. Josh
    Josh Published |

    F*cking awesome!
    Been looking for something like this for a while. I can get rid of 5 hacked up widgets now and replace with this.

  48. tom mills
    tom mills Published |

    dont worry, i sorted it another way 🙂

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  51. tukang nggame
    tukang nggame Published |

    whether this can be in use for wordpress 2.7.1
    thank you for share this plugin

  52. jeff
    jeff Published |

    Hey Justin , I have a question…

    Can this plugin be used to display a simple ordered list of items ‘in’ a specific post.
    For example, I want to write a post that has various news headlines of the week, can this help me do that? And can the posts be styled somehow?

    Long questions but I am a total noob :)..

    Great plugin btw..

  53. Mike
    Mike Published |

    I think I’m in the same boat as everyone else here.

    My theme doesn’t use Widgets, but I want to include the data from your widget plugin in posts/pages/archives, whatever.

    Is there a way to do it?

    I tried including the code your provided in readme.html in my functions.php file, but got a bunch of errors.

    Any hope of an easy include in a template file?

  54. Jane H
    Jane H Published |

    I like the plugin but have a few questions, things that aren’t quite working out.

    1) When I added the plugin, my tag cloud disappeared. Any way I can have them both?

    2) We apparently cannot add this anywhere; the only option is for sidebar. Is that correct? I believe the site said “add anywhere” but I don’t see how. If possible, then how?

    3) It shows up on all pages. How can I get this on selected pages, i.e. my home page, or any other stipulated page? Is this possible to limit its appearance to certain pages?

    Thanks much.

  55. tom
    tom Published |

    This is a fantastic plugin many thanks! Saves time even if you know the php

    Some text deleted by admin. Please take note of the policy regarding support questions.

  56. tom
    tom Published |

    Would be great to add a few more display options such as remove the title or meta data and whether to link to the post. This is a very useful plugin thanks again.

  57. tom
    tom Published |

    I’ve modified this great plugin a little and added post title on/off, author info on/off and meta info on/off. this gives some more scope for CMS (multiple editble areas of text on a static page). If anyone is interested let me know here.

    Justin, if this isn’t ok let me know 🙂

  58. tom
    tom Published |

    Thanks Justin. Was there a way to get the functionality i added that I overlooked (using posts and categories to add more editable content blocks on static pages)? I agree that edited versions are not a good idea unless tested properly, works fine for my purpose but it might well destroy someone elses site, it’s fairly unlikely in this instance but I won’t risk it on a production site yet!

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  60. Bala
    Bala Published |

    Thanks for the plugin!
    Do you know how I could edit it to make it order the posts by meta_value? Thanks again!

  61. Lex Vilanova
    Lex Vilanova Published |

    Hello! This seems great! However, it won’t show in my plugins list???

  62. Lex Vilanova
    Lex Vilanova Published |

    How is it possible to install a plugin incorrectly? I unzipped, moved to directory, blam..it should be parsed and show in the ‘in-active’ list right? Thanks 🙂

  63. Ella
    Ella Published |

    This rocks. You rock. Thank you for sharing and helping people out. I send you a virtual beer 🙂

  64. Lex Vilanova
    Lex Vilanova Published |

    @Justin Tadlock – OK, fair enough..I can understand that. It’s just difficult to admit for me since I had just installed about 5 other plugins before this one smoothly (hell, there’s 3 steps to it)..I’ll take a real close look and hopefully I’m just making a zombie dumbie mistake. Thanks anyways! (I can’t wait to see this in action!)

  65. Brad
    Brad Published |

    Is there a way to take the meta info off the post preview in the sidebar?
    I dont want the “posted in” and “Leave a response”.


  66. LiLi
    LiLi Published |

    Hello Justin,

    I was wondering if this plug in give me the option to display the post only inside the category I choose, not displaying it in the main area (home)? There are some posts I write that are I’d like not to show there (home)…

    Thank you!! And thanks for the dedication!

  67. astra
    astra Published |

    Thanks for this great plugin. I used to use it and loved it very much, but after upgrading PHP from 4.3 to 5, I have my frontpage disappear. Only white. No warning, no error.
    I deactivated all plugins and reactivate them one by one.
    All plugins but query posts are OK .

    How can I fix it?
    Thanks for your help.

  68. Billbondi
    Billbondi Published |

    I upgrade to wp 2.8 all my query posts links have gone missing ?? and every time i go to put them back in.. it deletes the last one i put in.. ?? HUmm

  69. Kaingo
    Kaingo Published |

    Good job with this plugin, easy to use, works great, thanks

  70. champvermont
    champvermont Published |

    does not seem to work with wp 2.8–it prevents the home screen from appearing and the posts queried become part of the home screen

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  72. Serge
    Serge Published |

    Hi Justin
    I find a little bug :
    line 93 ->missing e in instance , so the page_id condtion doesn’t work

    usefull plugin, thank you

  73. M
    M Published |

    Just used the automatic update and all my widgets made with queryposts dissapeared… 🙁

    I’m not happy!

  74. M
    M Published |

    Comment deleted by the administrator.

  75. SportaKarte.lv
    SportaKarte.lv Published |


    Thanks for great plugin.

    I tried to output posts in random order, but it doesn’t work, because I am using Smart Sort plugin to sort posts, when displaying them in specific category.

    Is it possible to owerride Smart Sort’s order just in Query Posts Widget output?

  76. Richard
    Richard Published |

    Hi Justin – Thanks for this awesome plugin. I used to struggle through doing this sort of thing with code; your plugin saves an enormous amount of time.

    Would you be interested in adding some functionality to the “Display” option, so that one could elect to display only an item’s title? That would be really helpful for listing items in a sidebar, for example.

    Would you happily pay you a reasonable amount for including this feature.

    Kind regards

  77. Privendo
    Privendo Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for this one of a kind plugin. Perhaps I missed something – the plugin is not working with WPMU for me.

    Warm regards

  78. M
    M Published |

    Comment deleted by the administrator.

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  80. Wicker
    Wicker Published |

    I’ve been scratching my head as to how I could spin older content into new indexes that visitors would find useful and this plug-in is helping me out.


  81. triggxr
    triggxr Published |

    I love the concept but no matter how I upload, I keep getting this error message:

    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\lisatrigg.com\httpdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\query-posts\query-posts.php on line 15

    I’m using the Thesis Theme 1.51 and Wordpress 2.71. Hope you can help me.



  82. adam d
    adam d Published |

    what a nice plug-in! I used it today, and it *nearly* did exactly what I wanted! I am building a site using WP as CMS, and I have built front page from widgets. So using your widget, I can show a specific page for the front page column 1 content, another for column 2 content. So, it was great to find your code.

    Only problem, I just want to use “the_content” and no other details like “author” and “date”. I couldn’t find a way to suppress the other tags.

    So instead I crafted some PHP code inside the template using the loop. Oh well… but if you update this, it would be perfect!

    Thanks though

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  84. rodney
    rodney Published |

    I’m looking for this kind of functionality, but with the amount of categories I will need, I really need something that works more like a page by page directory rather than a sidebar tool. Any way this plugin can fit the bill? please advise.

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  87. GeorgWP
    GeorgWP Published |


    Nice plugin! Really nice.

    I have translated it into Danish. The language files are available from here.

    The query parameters are not internationalized. In the Danish WordPress, “draft” is “kladde” etc. Some end users would be grateful, I am sure, if you would internationalize dropdown options etc. in the widget. I know by experience that this may require some recoding because the plugin must use the English terms internally. However, if you do have the time etc. for it, then thank you! 🙂

    PS: I have written a short presentation that will be posted on my WordPress-portal tomorrow.

  88. John Doe
    John Doe Published |

    Without reading though the huge amount of comments, has anyone tried this with Thesis? Have you had success? I am hoping it will allow me to make custom pages with certain posts easier than a huge if statement.

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  90. Simon
    Simon Published |

    Hey Justin your plugins are incredibly useful! One question though, is there a way you could look at Privendo’s request. I would love to try this on my MU installation!

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  95. Joe Somebody
    Joe Somebody Published |

    Just adding another “Thank You!!!” to the list!

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  98. Levani
    Levani Published |


    I would like to give my site users the ability to view posts where thay have ever added comments. Can I use this plugin for it?

  99. Scott Aniol
    Scott Aniol Published |

    I want to be able to post just an individual page’s content. How can I do that?

  100. Max
    Max Published |

    Very cool plugin Justin! Thank you!

    One thing I noticed – the output is not themeable. It would be much better to be able to use templates instead of the hard coded format in the plugin.

    I did a quick tweak to achieve that – basically put Post and Page HTML (from the loop) into the following condition:

    ...page/post HTML goes here....

    I used this condition for both – posts and page – just changed the template file name.
    It allows me to drop that template file into my Theme (or child theme) and the plugin will pick it up automatically. If no templates – it will use your default code.

    Do you think you could adopt this idea into your plugin?

    It would probably be even better to have another field added to the widget for the template file name. Or name template file names in certain way, so they’ll be picked up by the widget automatically and shown in a selection list. The reason I’m bringing this up, is that widgets are very flexible nowadays – they can be anywhere on the page, whether it’s a sidebar or a widgetized area within content, so the layouts of the final output can be different. For example if I’m using latest news, featured article or most popular content widgets within larger content areas – I may have have more space and freedom to include h2 titles, larger snippets, meta links etc. If I’m using the same widgets in smaller areas like sidebars – I might want to have smaller titles, shorter excerpts, no meta links – I’ll need it to be concise.

    Please let me know what you think.
    Thanks again!

  101. Max
    Max Published |

    Justin, did my php snippet totally got truncated? I only see “…page/post HTML goes here….” part….

  102. Melvin Ram
    Melvin Ram Published |

    I want to display the content of a single post in a widgetized area. How do I get it show up without the area title and other stuff. I just want the content.

  103. Andy Green
    Andy Green Published |

    This is a great plugin and one that I will be installing as soon as I move my blog from WordPress to it’s own hosting account.

  104. foobar
    foobar Published |

    Hello,Is there a way to show a list of all stuff ina category? links,images,post and pages,with pages that will haven’t touched their hierarchy,please? Looks like I don’t find a good balance with data extracted.


  105. RavanH
    RavanH Published |

    Hi Justin,

    THANK you for a great plugin.

    By way of showing thanks, I did a Dutch translation. Please find it in zip format on http://4visions.nl/query-posts/query-posts-nl_NL.zip which you can include in the next release if you want.


  106. Benga
    Benga Published |

    Thanks, for this plugin. i’ve being looking around for a plugin like this for sometime without having any luck. I will definitely give your plugin a try in my next project.

    Benga creative

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  108. Discussion Point
    Discussion Point Published |

    Hey thats really a cool plugin!

    I was searching for this and finally got it here …

    Thanks a million Justin.

  109. Jeff Gran
    Jeff Gran Published |

    Awesome plugin, Justin!

    I’d just like to second a commenter above who requested a few more options – namely on/off switches for the author/tags/categories/comments link when using “the_excerpt” or “the_content” option, in order to be able customize the display a little more.

    Obviously you could go crazy trying to make it too flexible, but some simple on/off switches seem like a fairly easy addition and would be a great help.

    Anyway, thanks for this very useful free plugin!

  110. John
    John Published |


    Awesome plugin. I’ve been using it for a while and I really like how easy it is to use. One thing I didn’t see was the ability to customize the ID or the class manually through the plugin. I like to style an icon next to the widget title, and using the normal “%1$s” in the ID spits out “query-posts-X” and not what the plugin is actually displaying. Allowing us to customize the class or ID would allow additional CSS formatting specific to the user’s desire.

  111. anmari
    anmari Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Great job – I had written my own “feature category” widget before for a few websites and then I found your query posts plugin. For the current project I wanted a category post listing, but in a page, not as a widget – I see a number of others asking similar things above (Tom mills, Rodney, Mike, Max)

    Anyway once I saw your plugin, some ideas got sparked….. and the “shortcode any widget” plugin was born – see http://webdesign.anmari.com/shortcode-any-widget/.
    With this and your “query posts”, there is no need for custom templates.
    in addition, “Query posts” should be able to be used in non widget themes.

  112. Nate Williams
    Nate Williams Published |

    This is amazing!

    Is there away to leverage wp global variables? Instead of hard coding a specific author_name such as “bob” to use $curauth->ID

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  118. kvibe
    kvibe Published |

    My problem with this plugin is that I can’t get a next set of posts. Example: If I display 5 post on the page, i want to be able to have the user click onto the next 5 post, then next 5 post, and etc.

    The way it’s setup for me now is that they have to go through my archives or categories to see my other post. Is there a way to work around this? Please advise

  119. Matt Edminster
    Matt Edminster Published |

    Justin / wondering if there is a function I can use to query only posts in the current month … without having to select the month manually each time it changes.

  120. kkri
    kkri Published |

    I have the same problem of kvibe. I see my first 5 posts but clicking on “page 2” the page remain the same and doesn’t reach the second 5 posts. I’m using WP 2.8.5 and the plugin WP-PageNavi .Any idea? I saw also something strange on row 93 of ‘query-posts.php’ : $instanc[‘page_id’] instead of $instance[‘page_id’]. Thank you for your answer.

  121. Agung
    Agung Published |

    hi justin, your plugin is very interesting, but I have one question,

    how do if I want to change or add attributes nofollow in the query_post ?

    thanks for all your plugin, I really liked it

  122. Varian Korce
    Varian Korce Published |

    #Kvibe : I also had the same problem, next page is not functioning properly, is there another setting that should be in the edit, or my navi plugin page that does not match the versions?

  123. Hercules
    Hercules Published |

    Amazing plugin! Just wondering if it will work on WP 2.6 — THANKS!

  124. Jojo Farm
    Jojo Farm Published |

    thanks for your awesome blog, very excellent i like your blog and thanks to for your plugin query post

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  126. @nomadone
    @nomadone Published |

    Hi Justin. This is a really awesome plugin, been fiddling around with using it for a current project.

    I’ve got a loop, which calls posts from a different category but with the same custom field value as the current post, then within the post results, I want to pull further posts related to the posts found by a different custom field value using some custom field if statements.

    basically I’m running a loop within a loop and using conditional custom fields to place different loops within the loop. I tried using your plugin inside the nested loop but seems it cannot perform normally in such a nested mixed query space. It pulls the same posts each time no matter what custom field values I set.

    I know this sounds a little mixed up, but hoping you may have some insight.

    Thanks a ton for this plugin though, it’s really great.

  127. R
    R Published |

    Just a tip: the version one hosted on your site doesn’t work with latest version of wordpress. Version 2 hosted at WP does.


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  130. krishna
    krishna Published |

    hi justin

    have u stopped developing this plugin. the get image plugin has been updated but not this plugin and as such the thumbnails are no longer working.

    please update this plugin to include support for ur get the image plugin.


  131. R
    R Published |

    Hey Justin

    Love Query Posts.

    Can I suggest an addition to the Readme, of this piece of code which can be used in templates

    taken from a tutorial here, I ended up using this most.

    Allows you to easily use QP plugin in non widget areas.


    Thanks for your wonderful plugin.

  132. Jeff
    Jeff Published |

    I would also love to see the option of not including the post title and meta data of a post. Just the body of the post.

    Thanks for a great plugin.

  133. Hazel
    Hazel Published |

    Great Plugin really nice.

  134. Moth
    Moth Published |

    I am using Qp on a site to make a simple”archives” list of posts for each category.
    However the current article showing on each page shows up in the “archives” widget list .
    Could you tell me how I can exclude the current post from the archives widget?
    Much appreciated!

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  136. Time-Saving WordPress Plug-Ins That Make Me Look Smart — Word Wonders
  137. links for 2010-02-05 | Aram on Mason
    links for 2010-02-05 | Aram on Mason at |
  138. Spencer
    Spencer Published |

    Is there any way I can mod the Query Posts Plugin so that it will use the “More” whatchamacallit so that it will say “Read Full Article” instead of displaying the the entire post when there are “More” whatchamacallits entered in the post?

    Great Plugin by the way.. now I’m able to have static content appear above my category archives so to speak.

  139. Michael Beyer
    Michael Beyer Published |

    Cool plugin! Thanks!

    But there is one problem: The Widget Settings is too wide for a resolution of 1024×768.

  140. 13 Wordpress Plug-ins For Businesses | JDWrite
  141. BAC
    BAC Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Great plugin!
    Just a FYI – This plugin causes Infinite Scroll to stop working, at least in my environment (thematic).


  142. BAC
    BAC Published |

    > This plugin causes Infinite Scroll to stop working

    Actually, works if you force the latest jquery version from google CDN via the “use google libraries” plugin


  143. Dima
    Dima Published |

    Thanks Justin… I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect plugin for the project I’m currently working on… if not for you I would of spent ages coming up with a bootstrap solution that would of would of been about as versatile as Derek Zoolander… Thanks again man, your a live saver!

  144. EVE
    EVE Published |


    I love this plugin it is the best thing out there for wordpress, it makes my blog look more like Joomla.

    I have a question, if I want to just show the picture of the posts with just the tittle of the posts how can I do this? Right now it show the excerpt and the tags the categories the authore comment number which is not necessary as it is only to show pictures.

    Thank you your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  145. Anime
    Anime Published |

    Yes! Finally! This is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve been messing around with the posts on my blog for freakin’ ever, and it was driving me to insanity. Thankyou VERY much for this! You’ve saved me alot of time and pain.

  146. Kasper Bergholt
    Kasper Bergholt Published |

    First of all, thank you for coding a splendid widget! A great pleasure to work with!

    Is it possible somehow to integrate the widget, so that the content gets shown on a page instead of the sidebar?

    Thanks in advance,


  147. Interview of UI designer – Darren Hoyt | Wordpress Themes
  148. Stephen
    Stephen Published |

    amazing plugin! I just a quick request (ok but maybe it’s not so small),

    I would like an option to customize the output format (like a custom defined template) instead of just ol, ul, the_content, and the_excerpt

  149. Bill
    Bill Published |

    This is a great, great plug-in. I’ve been looking around for a long time for something like this. Thank you.

  150. Ray
    Ray Published |

    thanks, but how to make, that if i press on category MOVIES – and shows only lists from the movies or press MUSIC and then shows only lists from category MUSIC…

    this total confusing me.

  151. Vicente
    Vicente Published |

    Thank you for this fantastic plugin! I wonder if it is possible to adapt this widget to appear as an index of the site and in the different categories .. is that possible?

  152. Jack
    Jack Published |

    How would I integrate this into a template with a Php call?

  153. Vicente
    Vicente Published |

    I found this, try to understand how to do it but I’m lost ..


  154. TaoQ
    TaoQ Published |

    Thank you! This is a great, great plug-in.

  155. Ovidiu
    Ovidiu Published |

    any plans to allow custom post types besides posts, pages, any? with 3.0 one can add i.e. movies, recipes, etc. and I’d like to be able to chose from those if possible with this plugin.

    1. Nancy Boyle
      Nancy Boyle Published |

      I am using Query Posts with Custom Post types. I have a widget with posts for recipes and one for news. I use a couple of plugins for the Custom Post type. After creating a CPT for recipe, it shows up in the Query Post ‘post-type’ field.

  156. Registering New Sidebars for Custom Page Templates The Smart Way ‹ Wordpress Expert
  157. Geek is a Lift-Style. »Archive » 5 Useful And Creative Ways To Use WordPress Widgets
  158. Mika
    Mika Published |


    I’m using your plugin Query Posts to display posts links (events links) by date, order by ASC. On a widget, on my sidebar.

    I would like to display only the events not finished (with a date in the future, not in the past).

    I don’t understand all the features your plugin has. Can I do this with your plugin please ?

    Thank you for your help.

  159. prateek
    prateek Published |

    I wonder if this plugin is compatible with Wordpress 3.0 ..Anyone encountered any bugs with the latest WP?

  160. Jacob Dunn
    Jacob Dunn Published |

    @prateek – I’m using this on 3.0, no prob.

    The one issue I had with this plugin was that I couldn’t style the output while displaying a page – here’s my fix, to those that are interested –

    On line 156 of query-post.php add the following:

    			$templates = array();
    			$templates[] = "loop-sidebar-$widget_id.php";
    			$templates[] = "loop-sidebar-$id.php";
    			$templates[] = "loop-sidebar.php";
    			$template = locate_template( $templates );

    And then a closing “}” after the built in loop.

    With this in place, you can put a “loop-sidebar.php”, “loop-sidebar-{sidebar-id}.php”, or “loop-sidebar-{widget_id}.php” in your templates directory, and use that to format the loop.

    Hope that helps anyone who’s interested!

  161. List of WOW Plugins from WordCamp UK 2010 | Michael Kimb Jones - Michael Kimb Jones
  162. links for 2010-07-19philipoakley.org | philipoakley.org
  163. Shibi
    Shibi Published |

    I know this is off-topic but i’m desperate. Been searching the web for two days. I need a simple query which this plugin seems to have but i want it in its actual code version.

    I just want to display latest post by taxonomy. My taxonomy is “topics” and the tag under topics is “sports images”. I want to display 5 latest post by “sports images” tag within the “topics” taxonomy. How can i achieve this?

    Thank you

  164. Charles Ellmaker
    Charles Ellmaker Published |

    Don’t know if this has been covered, but having some sort of boolean and capability would be great. For instance, to return posts of category x and category y, or of category x and tag z.


  165. Roo
    Roo Published |


    I’m using this widget to call specific posts to a specific area of a page (for a three column layout) by the post tag. I have a ‘Who We Are’ ‘What We Do’ ‘Why Work With Us’ type scenario and so each of those are single posts.
    I’ve got it working fine with my limited PHP knowledge thanks to this widget, but I’d like to remove the link from the post title – does anyone know of a way to do this?

    Best wishes

    – Roo

  166. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Love your query-posts, was working great till I hit the post_mime_type – jpg, now it lists nothing. Only way to reset it to nothing is to delete, reinstall the plugin.
    Any other way to clear that field?

    Thanks for the plugin

    1. Jacob Dunn
      Jacob Dunn Published |

      @Kevin – ctrl+click the option you accidentally selected.

      Justin, love the update – no need for me to format the output, this has all the options I need. Major thanks!

  167. Marcy
    Marcy Published |

    Hey Justin, this plugin is literally saving my life at the moment. I’m doing a large-scale Genesis site (a la TimeOutNY) and it would be impossible for me to manage all these content feeds without this plugin. Thank you so much. Your posts on custom post types have also been extremely helpful.

    side note: our website uses graph paper too?! I’d never seen any of your plugins/site til now, but I guess we’re two brothers from the same motha.

  168. Melanie
    Melanie Published |

    Stumbled across your site by randon linkage on an unrelated topic, but this plugin iss absolutely perfect as I’d been looking for something similar for ages. Thanks!

  169. Chris Heney
    Chris Heney Published |

    Just when I was getting ready to create an adhoc one with 1 option called query string… lol. Was just going to say if you are confused reference WP Codex’s Query Posts section for how to write cat=1,2,3&posts_per_page=5&s=search … Your tool made it so easy we can let our clients go crazy with it too! Thanks a lot. We are always looking for innovative tools like this one.

  170. Christian
    Christian Published |

    Great Plugin! I am searching it a long time! BUT:

    Is it possible to change the Date/Time and the Title? I have for every post a new widget (settings in your plugin) but the widget title ist always the name of the post! is it possible to setup the time/date there and the title in the widget?
    Know, what i mean?


  171. Custom WordPress Post Query Using the Query Posts Plugin - Learning WordPress with WP Modder
  172. sur
    sur Published |

    Hi, thanks the plugin!

    I´m using it but now I´ve installed WPML (mulitilingual) and it only works in the default language.

    I´m not a programer… butI think I would pass icl_object_id to the Query Post to filter the results right..

    Any ideas how to integrate it?
    Or any other solution for multilingual and Query Post?

    Thanks in advanced,
    Sorry my english

  173. some WordPress hackery
    some WordPress hackery at |
  174. Nick Hudson
    Nick Hudson Published |

    Hey Justin,

    This plugin is exactly what I needed, thank you for taking the time to make it!

    I do have an issue though. I’m using the plugin to create an excerpt of my about page in my website’s footer (same footer being used on all pages of the site).

    The plugin does show the excerpt on my main index page, which also shows only excerpts of my other posts, but when I go to full posts and other full-content pages, the plugin shows the full content of my about page in the footer. How can I make sure that only the excerpt is shown in the footer no matter what page I’m on in my site?

    Thanks in advance!

  175. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Hi, noticed after the wordpress upgrade that its not updating the posts anymore. Stuck on Dec 30.
    Any ideas?

  176. Colin Crawford
    Colin Crawford Published |

    Thanks Justin for that brilliant widget, I’m relatively new (6 weeks) to using Wordpress and wanted to achieve this on my website but didn’t know how/where to do it in the PHP code and this has saved a lot of time.

    Just completed your other tutorial on ‘How to widgetize your page menu in WordPress’, and again I found it easy to follow and got the results I was after. I wanted a widget area in the Header and couldn’t find a suitable explanation

    Looking forward to your new book when it comes out.


  177. Jason Verdelli
    Jason Verdelli Published |

    Justin, great plugin! Quick question, how do you get author images to show up next to each post? I have it setup where the author images show up next to each post in all of the category archives as well as in each post. I was thinking I may need to put something into the “Attachments” field inside the widget, but I am not sure. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  178. Marieke
    Marieke Published |

    Love this widget! It’s perfect, thanks!

  179. Debbie
    Debbie Published |

    This is *wonderful.* Thank you so much!

  180. Viv
    Viv Published |

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. I wish I’d found this days ago!

  181. Grit and Oyster Limited » Blog Archive » Help with Lib Dem Aqua: Recommended plugins
  182. 40 Exceptional “CMS Enabling” WordPress Plugins
  183. Richard
    Richard Published |

    I just installed and I’m testing Query Posts, and it’s awesome. It’s plenty of possibilities. I’m just missing a few things I think would be great to add:
    – you already can add a class to every post, for example qp_featured. It would be great it’d also add other class qp_featured-x where x is the number of post retrieved. It would help a lot when styling it with CSS.
    – it also would be nice you could set a number of caracteres when you se to show the whole content. It could be you need to show less text than the excrept.
    Thanks again and I hope these new features are considered.

  184. WP Plugin: Query Posts WordPress Widget | BjDyLSC.com
  185. Dan
    Dan Published |


    I’m trying to use this plugin to filter only by a category, but it just won’t work. It shows all the posts from my blog.

    Any way to fix this?

    1. Dan
      Dan Published |

      It would seem also that whenever a post has a tage attached to it, it does not appear in the search results.

  186. Tony Zeoli
    Tony Zeoli Published |


    Are you going to update this plug-in, or is there no need to? I noticed on the plugin page that the last update was a little under a year ago: 2010-11-23.

    Just checking to see what the plans are.


    Tony Z.

  187. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Thanks Justin, for a great plugin!

    The only issue I’m encountering is that thumbnails are displaying above all the text, including the title and author on one of my websites.


  188. JC
    JC Published |

    Thank you for this great plugin !

    Is there a way to exclude the post that is currently viewed from the query ?

    Thanks again

  189. 40 Exceptional “CMS Enabling” WordPress Plugins – Just a blog :)
  190. David C
    David C Published |

    Awesome plugin, and great guide too — all I’d recommend is making the guide more accessible. I ended up sticking a link at the bottom of the widget form itself, or it could just be in the plugin’s description. I stuck it in the widget form because my clients will probably need it every time they use the widget. Not a biggy — just think it would be helpful to others — and easy to tack on in a future release. Sorry if this has already been suggested.

  191. ZAGO
    ZAGO Published |

    Amazing plugin. Is there any way to maintain the HTML formatting (specifically links) from a post? It looks like it’s stripping out all formatting and just posting raw text. Thanks!

  192. Greg Marriott
    Greg Marriott Published |

    Love this plugin !!! Question…. How can i configure plugin to dynamically list only posts that match a variable ??? for example if my page has e.g /site/?multi_city=44 (in this case i only want to list in your plugin posts that match that particular cityID) …. where in the plugin can i add the variable passed to filter records???

    Sorry for this… in ASP i could do this easy but in PHP phew not so easy!!!

  193. jim mccann
    jim mccann Published |


    I tried links for tutorials but they dont work.

    I would like to have two seperate query posts in side bar. One that show the most popular 5 posts over the last 7 days and a second that shows the five popular post over the last 30 days.

    Any ideas?

  194. Stephen
    Stephen Published |

    Very useful plugin. I’m using it in a couple of websites and it’s fantastic.

  195. Boray ERIS
    Boray ERIS Published |

    Justin, do you still develop this plugin? Some of the options not working.

  196. René
    René Published |

    Great plugin…

  197. John
    John Published |

    Just tested this for a client and it works like a charm. Thanks a lot, great work!

  198. Chris Peters
    Chris Peters Published |

    I’m using this in several places on http://picturesfor.me and it’s amazing!
    One tip I added on my site which others may find useful:
    in widget_query_posts.php I changed the Author Arguments section (starting at line 119) to the following:

    This allowed me to then enter the word: page in the query field for author, to have it dynamically filled with the current page author for whatever page/post the widget appeared on.

    I do have one quick question if anyone else has figured this one out:
    How would I configure the widget to display the single latest post from each author? i.e. if there are 15 authors, and each made 15 posts, how would I get a listing of 15 posts each being the latest one by each author?

    Thanks in advance for the help on this!

  199. 11 Useful WordPress Plugins for Writers Blog | WPhub.biz
  200. amber
    amber Published |

    Hey Justin, thanks for this awesome plugin! Using it now. One quick q though, short of creating a new page template with widget areas in the “content area” is there any other functionality that will allow you to use this plugin to display the post within a page? I know I said one q, but also, can you set it to display the newest post in a particular category? Haven’t been able to get that combo going yet.


  201. Dao Le
    Dao Le Published |

    Hi Justin. Thanks for the great plugin.

    I think it would be greater if the site editors can assign which post to show from the dashboard in GUI without administrator privilege.

    Another thing is I’m using this plugin for more than 1 widget in my site. It would be very nice if each of them can have a different style, e.g., one is styled with 3 columns and the other has 2.


  202. Help with Lib Dem Aqua: Recommended plugins | Grit and Oyster Limited
  203. Help with Lib Dem Aqua: Recommended plugins | Lib Dem Aqua
  204. Richard Gilbert
    Richard Gilbert Published |

    Hi Justin!

    Your plugin is an oldie, but let me tell you, I auditioned quite a few similar “featured posts” plugins before finding yours, which does everything I need it to and more!

    I am normally a Genesis developer, but I was looking for a non-Genesis version of the “Genesis Featured Posts Widget” plugin for a plain ole WP site, and this is it. I’ll probably start using it in place of the Genesis FPW plugin!

    Yours is the only featured posts plugin that I could find that allows me to post THE ENTIRE post, not just the excerpt!

    (Among many other handy features & choices…)

    So… THANKS!

  205. Sally
    Sally Published |

    How do I add a background color to the widget-title?
    Thanks in advance

  206. w3talks.org 5 полезных и оригинальных способов использования виджетов в WordPress » w3talks.org
  207. Paul
    Paul Published |

    Great plugin many thanks, and thanks for the videos these were most helpful.

  208. Stefano
    Stefano Published |

    Hi Justin, I am using your excellent plugin in several sites and I was wondering if you are going to either update it or make sure it will continue to work with the new Wordpress 3.6 and after. I am sure you’re terribly busy with other projects but please let us know at your earliest convenience. Best Regards.

  209. Sachin Nambiar
    Sachin Nambiar Published |

    These days isn’t it better to use WP_Query instead?

  210. Help with Lib Dem Aqua: Recommended plugins | Tools for Liberal Democrats
  211. Webby
    Webby Published |

    Just tested this for a client and it works like a charm. Thanks a lot, great work! Just one question, the WP.org says that the plugin is not updated in past 2 year. Are you going to develop it further? thanks.

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