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  1. Gray Gilmore
    Gray Gilmore Published |

    Congrats, Justin. It’s been fun following your process. I’m begging that one of these days I’ll be inspired just enough to get those runners out of the closet and get back out there.

  2. Jason
    Jason Published |


    I wouldn’t fret about your time just now — you can always improve on that, if you choose. You set a goal to get your butt off the couch and finish a 5k. And, despite several hurdles, you did it.

    Now is the time to draw up a huge bath of “I’m awesome” and soak a while.

  3. Stormy
    Stormy Published |

    Don’t beat yourself up! I was disappointed with my first 5K too, but it’s difficult to adapt to an actual racing environment on the first go. Just keep training and entering races, and I bet you’ll see big improvements quickly!

    1. Marshall O
      Marshall O Published |

      Totally agree with Stormy, it takes a couple of races to get used to what they’re like. Pick a goal or two goals and go for it, just keep pushing yourself. The thing I’ve found is as soon as I say “I could never do X”, i start to think “could i?” and the answer is almost always Yes! Tried my first adventure race this last weekend in Maryland, http://runforyoulives.com, I won my wave (of 200 runners) and placed 3rd in my age group. I never would have thought that was possible after my first 5k.

  4. Scott Lee
    Scott Lee Published |

    Dude! Congrats.
    I’m with the others, don’t sweat your time. It’ll improve in no time. Just pat yourself on the back for completing it.

    Keep it up man. Next up a 10k!

  5. Jeremy Davis
    Jeremy Davis Published |

    congrats man!

    I remember on my first 5k they threw these tricky little things called ‘hills’ on the course, which I was not prepared for.

    I remember that same feeling with the crowd at the end as well.

  6. Matthijs
    Matthijs Published |

    Good job! I would not be disappointed with your time. Just think about it this way: if you would have run very fast, it would be more difficult to break the PR next time. As it currently is, there’s a big chance you can improve that time by many minutes next time, with a bit of preparation. So more fun to look forward to πŸ™‚

    And as you said, it’s all about the personal challenge and/or fun experience you have exercising and “competing”.

    Besides, we regular people will not ever come close to any real competitive time (WR 12 min 37 sec!) so personally I don’t see the difference between running it in 25, 30,35 or 45 minutes. As long as you have fun. Of course, improving a bit can be part of the fun.

    Last, from a training point, 9 weeks is a pretty short period. To really grow and prepare your body for running well, one needs at least a year or a couple of years of dedicated regular training.

  7. steven Bradley
    steven Bradley Published |

    Congrats Justin!

    Like others have said don’t be down about your time. Use it as a challenge for the next 5k, but congratulate yourself on completing this one.

    I used to do a lot of biking. No races or anything, just biking around town and timing myself. I’ve lost that over the years, but your posting about your journey is motivating me to get back out on the bike again.

    Good luck training for the next race.

  8. Bronson Quick
    Bronson Quick Published |

    Great work Mr Tadlock! You’ve done a great job to get to here and to complete your first 5k!

    I completely understand what you mean when you mentioned that your first mistake was not training in the morning. I only run at night and I do decent times and I feel fit and healthy.

    However, when I run in a fun run I always run horrible times cause they do the runs insanely early in the morning and I don’t do mornings cause I’m a coder like you! We’re creatures of the night. Someone needs to start up night fun runs for people like us! πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!

  9. enej
    enej Published |

    Congratulations Justin!

    A proper warm up before the race is always a good idea, something to get your body moving early in the morning. If you can, ride your bike to the race. Running is hard, but well worth it! All the best on your next race.

  10. Mike
    Mike Published |

    I don’t know why it’s so common for races to be held in the morning. It’s a scientifical fact that the human body is better at sport/exercise later in the day.

    I guess a lot of people train before work, but that’s sub-optimal too.

  11. Trish
    Trish Published |

    Contrats! The first one is always the hardest, mostly in spirit. Having to overcome the challenges of if you can do it or not. Doing runs before the event can help prepare for the run and any doubts that a person may have.

  12. Josh
    Josh Published |

    Your a great inspiration and are making some great progress. Running is such a unique sport since you do it for yourself .. there’s no one to impress and no one relying on you. Just starting getting into running and I would like to do some marathons within the next year. I will follow you progress! Keep up the great work

  13. Mahedy Hasan
    Mahedy Hasan Published |

    Congratulations! Mr.Justin Tadlock. I am glad to know that you can understand about your good and bad things. A better practice before going to racing is very essential. And a phone carrying is always harmful when you go to practical field. It is also harmful for your body too.

  14. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Well done. You now have a really good target for your next 5k. That’ll really get your competitive juices flowing.

  15. Vietnam Cambodia Travel
    Vietnam Cambodia Travel Published |

    Its all about your stamina If you are a drinker or smoker then you won’t achieve that.

  16. Muzik
    Muzik Published |

    keep it up!!!

  17. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Congratulations on the challenge that you imposed on yourself. Making a goal is one thing, but following through to the finish is quite another. Keep it up. I have a 71 year old father that runs marathons and I, at 39, can’t even run a mile – makes you think.

  18. Sam ceaser
    Sam ceaser Published |

    its the spirit of being young and strong mentally helps you stay fit physically i feel..

  19. Max
    Max Published |

    Congrats. Great job)

  20. Dee Bee
    Dee Bee Published |

    That’s a good achievement! I could hardly reach 2K. Maybe i’ll start my goal at lower distance for now. Great job though, congrats.

  21. Hapjes Maken
    Hapjes Maken Published |

    amazing, i love this article. Everyone is a winner!
    Keep it up man!

  22. Martin
    Martin Published |

    Well done Justin, I recently did the same and followed the couch to 10K program, found it invaluable to build up my stamina for the events. Keep up the good work.

  23. Colin
    Colin Published |

    Well done! Don’t be disappointed with your time – thionk about the exhillaration crossing the line. I’ve just got my number for the London marathon next year. Must be mad

  24. Ken
    Ken Published |

    Training hard will improve your ability time by time, it is great to hear you get much improvement of running time. First i would give congratulation for you taking 5k completed. Yeah i also agree that time is not a matter, the most you have to pay attention is to do better and better running practice, an one more condition is the most influence means with good condition i am sure you can do better.

  25. Will
    Will Published |

    Wow mate! Well done, I used to be able to lightly jog 5k (that was 2 years ago), now I can barely walk 5k, really need to get back in shape!

  26. Brian Williams
    Brian Williams Published |

    Thats great! I have been wanting to do a 5k for a long time. My eventual goal is to someday do a full marathon. I dont know if that will ever happen. Guess I should just focus on the 5k for now.

  27. Alex
    Alex Published |


    A warm up before the race is always a good idea. I will follow you progress! Keep up the great work.

  28. David Josh
    David Josh Published |

    Congrats Justin, 5K in 35mins is a great start for the first time, and im glad you trained for 9 weeks before this. I hope you do better in the next run.

  29. John Clinton
    John Clinton Published |

    That’s a great start! Conditioning your body before the run is quite a good practice. hope you do better and better. Just keep going till you reach the finish line! Goodluck!

  30. S3bY
    S3bY Published |

    Great job, Justin! It’s all about will!

  31. soniya
    soniya Published |

    ooo goood post keep it up

  32. soniya
    soniya Published |

    Congrats, Justin. It’s recently been entertaining pursuing the method. I’m asking in which one of these brilliant nights I’ll become motivated adequate to have people joggers out from the cabinet and acquire again on the market

  33. Paul Petch
    Paul Petch Published |

    Well done! Nothing comes close to teh buzz of running! My advice is to not get to caughtup on time. Run for fun. Escape. Fitness. As a Ultra Mountain runner i run lots and lots and don’t worry to much about time rather recovery and not getting injured.

    Why not run off road? its much better for you and the body. The soul too πŸ˜‰

  34. Marco Berrocal
    Marco Berrocal Published |

    What Paul said. Don’t run for time. Run as a way to think about your problems, solving where you are stuck at work, et al. Time is irrelevant. Doing it is everything.

  35. Rob Benwell
    Rob Benwell Published |

    Congrats Justin. You’re an inspiration to others. Keep it up!

  36. Chij Gurung
    Chij Gurung Published |

    Congrats Justin, 5K in 35mins is a great start for the first time, That’s a great start

  37. Terrie
    Terrie Published |

    My first run that was even close was in boot camp at the age of 30. I joined because of 9-11 but was very out of shape. I woke up the next day and muscles were knotted in my legs and I could barely walk. I kept running though, everyday (no choice in boot camp of course) and it just got easier and easier. Eventually you look forward to how you feel after as opposed to dreading how you feel during.

  38. Rod Fewer
    Rod Fewer Published |

    Congrats Justin! Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  39. Aljuve
    Aljuve Published |


    i wil try do like you

  40. Crise Angoisse
    Crise Angoisse Published |

    thx for sharing Justin. Glad to see your competitiveness and will to win is coming back to you!

  41. kalyan
    kalyan Published |

    Congrats Dude

    My First 5k Running time is 40 mins

  42. Nathan
    Nathan Published |

    Nicely done. The cool thing is, if you and nobody else was in it to win it, the difference between 28 min and 35 min is irrelevant. It just gives you an opportunity to further improve in your next 5k.

    Just out of curiosity, what it the world could possibly make you turn down a scholarship?

  43. jogja
    jogja Published |

    keep the spirit .. let’s move on

  44. Noah ava
    Noah ava Published |

    ‘life has good times and bad times”.
    Enjoy and appreciate the good times in your life. Don’t stress over the bad times. You can’t avoid them so you may as well make lemons out of lemonade.

  45. Gilbert Arizona Home Search
    Gilbert Arizona Home Search Published |

    5k is no joke. I ran one in college. I would like to get back into that shape.

  46. 18infomedia
    18infomedia Published |

    Great start for you man (Justin), i ran 5k in 47 minutes.

  47. Naruto
    Naruto Published |

    Congratulations !!!
    Keep it up Justin .. next time it will be 10k xD

  48. Neil Asher
    Neil Asher Published |

    Nice work, Justin.

    It’s been fun following your process.

    I’ve just started running and because of this have set my self a goal for my first 5K run too!

    Thanks for the inspiration mate

    Neil ASher

  49. shawn davis
    shawn davis Published |

    I think you did better than me in the first 5k run.I did it in 47 minutes but i also got the bloody nipples which sucked.
    One more thing i learned was what are u wearing is important.Lighter the clothes and more ventilated better u can run !!
    Anyways congrats on ur first 5k πŸ™‚

  50. Frank
    Frank Published |

    You are really good. I am very bad at running, or playing sports. Although I try really hard, I will loose. Or I will become so tired to finish the race.

  51. Praveesh
    Praveesh Published |

    Congrats πŸ™‚ You are really an inspiration.

  52. Blackua
    Blackua Published |

    Congratulation! I will try to do it too.

  53. Prenociste
    Prenociste Published |

    Good job. I started to run recently. I will try to keep up.

    1. Bijaya Ghimire
      Bijaya Ghimire Published |

      It’s really funny way of telling. Learned a lot reading this post.

  54. Antoni wijaya
    Antoni wijaya Published |


    No justin, 5K in 35 minutes it’s amazing speed,
    no everyone can do it..trust me…

  55. Paduka
    Paduka Published |

    not that bad 5K for 35minutes, i remember my first 5K like half an hour.. :p

  56. Ben
    Ben Published |

    Keep On


  57. Diggs
    Diggs Published |

    I took up running this week and was interested in what a good 5k time should be, after a 3.4km then a 3.69km I just did my first 5k this morning. I managed 28.08, but I did find it hard going from 3-4km. I think I will try to run 5k a few more times next week before upping the distance to 7km and then in a few weeks i’ll try a 10km. I have to say I did hate most of it though, anyone got any tips to zone out?.

  58. Krishna Pokharel
    Krishna Pokharel Published |

    I am fear of speed but i love to read such posts. Enjoyed a lot.

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