May 2005

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Soul Purpose Skin

I basically wanted to do a quick update. I’ve accomplished the task of building a new skin for the site. Yes, a new skin, once again. What I need to do is go back and work on the old ones that haven’t been configured for the changes in the site … Continue reading →

Ready For Bed & A New Obsession

Yes, I have a new obsession. Printing out my art on hp premium plus glossy photo paper. I just can’t help myself. I printed out 2 pictures tonight, and had to make myself stop doing it. What I need to do is get back to working on my films. I … Continue reading →

iPod & Dreams of a 1000 Song Playlist

I’ve been researching up on the Apple iPod Mini tonight. These things just seem neat. I’ve owned an mp3 player for a few years and never really used it. It just used up its batteries in like 5 hours and was a little bulky for my tastes. I had got … Continue reading →

Buffy, Angel, Dawson, & Lack of Sleep

I received my Angel soundtrack, Live Fast, Die Never and my Buffy soundtrack, Once More With Feeling, today. Both, very good. Of course, I’ve heard the Buffy soundtrack like a gazillion times. The Angel soundtrack is great. One of my all-time favorite soundtracks now. Speaking of which, I’ve almost forgot … Continue reading →

A Neverending Theme Plus Life & Stuff

I’m 21 years old. Twenty-one. I get this feeling, sometimes, that life is just passing me by. There’s so many things I would like to do within my lifetime. I think a lot of it is just that whole seeing-young-celebs-become-famous-before-I-do-thing. Even still, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in … Continue reading →

Still Finding Style

Once again, I am updating this ol’ site. I finally caved in and decided to go with WordPress as my official sponsor in this little weblog spot here. It’s just easier to manage the blogs. I almost went back and tried the PHP Nuke Web Portal again. I think I … Continue reading →

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I guess I need to be going to bed…oh…say…like 3 hours ago. I’ll never learn. I got so wrapped up in playing NCAA and Madden that I forgot to watch tonight’s episode of Smallville. Now, I won’t even be able to see it before the season finale next Wednesday. Cut … Continue reading →

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Good Morning All! I’m now officially 21 years and 1 week old! I’m pretty much here to just say I’m updating the site. Well, I’m updating this here little blog spot. I’m trying some new things, especially since I don’t want to use wordpress or any other pre-generated script for … Continue reading →

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Just updating a bit. I found a video that seemed interesting. It’s Pamela Anderson supporting PETA. Now, right off, I thought this would be stupid, but I watched it anyway. It really paints a picture of what KFC is doing to their chickens. Now, I’m no animal rights activist or … Continue reading →