See, I Am Posting Regularly Again

I told you people I would be writing a little more regularly now. I’m not exactly “caught up” (for lack of a better phrase) with school work just yet, but I’m getting there. If I pass my Journalism test today, I will only have one more left to pass. Then I will be finished with the class. I made a 90 on the spelling test and an 88.3 on the word usage/Strunk & White test. Today, I’m on AP Style. Next week, it’ll be a comprehensive test. So, I’ll have plenty to study for, but at least my notecards are already made out.

Yes, school is the only major thing happening in my life right now. I haven’t even played my X-Box 360 in the last two weeks (I got it in January). I have been working out lately though. My roomate and I are doing the Body-For-Life workout, not the competition, just the workout. It’s a fairly easy program to follow, so I figured it’d be easier to follow it than making out my own workout and dieting plan.

Anyways, I’ve got to get ready for school. I’ll write again sometime soon. I promise.

By the way, I love how good the weather men are at their jobs. Ten-percent chance of rain, and it’s been raining all morning. Maybe I should grab my umbrella…