May 2006

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The Unnamed Girl File Part 2

Okay, so I’m a day late on blogging. Oh well. I would like to talk about my entire weekend back home, but something interesting happened during that time. If you recall The Unnamed Girl File post I made not too long ago, this little anecdote might interest you. I seen … Continue reading →

Missing My Wordpress Anniversary

I’m going to visit the folks today. So, I won’t be around to celebrate my one year Wordpress anniversary that started with Still Finding Style way back on May 13, 2005. Oh well, maybe I can celebrate it when I get back on Monday. Until then, enjoy the site. Look … Continue reading →

Searching, Cleaning, & Gatsby

I’ve been searching my brain for something to write about tonight. I moved some shelves over and peeked through some almost forgotten drawers, and I still haven’t found anything that is worth posting here to the world. What is it with me and the mind and brain analogies for the … Continue reading →

The Unnamed Girl File

I had this weird dream a few weeks back, and I got up and jotted down some notes about it the next morning, April 20, 2006. Here’s what I wrote down: What happens when you meet someone you were long ago in love with, and you never thought you wouldn't … Continue reading →

Taking My Language With Me

Since I’m not much in a blogging mood tonight, I figured I’d give everyone a little taste of the kind of work that I do in school. I particularly liked this Think Piece (#9) I did for Dr. Roozen, and since I finished my last final exam this semester in … Continue reading →

Birthday Gifts From Tim & Amy

So, go ahead and ask me, “Did you study tonight, Justin?”I’ll go ahead and tell you, “I didn’t.”“Why?”“There’s a million reasons why. But there’s no excuse, no justification.” Since I didn’t study tonight I don’t have time to leave much of a post because I’m going to have to get … Continue reading →

Mary Ethel

Well, there is a lot I could write about tonight. I could give a book review or something on The Catcher in the Rye. I could scan those pictures of the weird things I found at the library and post them. Or I could tell about this odd phone call … Continue reading →

Spinning Various Coins & Short Novels

Okay, this is going to be a short post. I’m really tired, and once again, late for bed. I actually wasted 20 minutes or so out of my life tonight. Danny and I, while trying to get his new puppy (no name for it so far) and my cats (Oly … Continue reading →