November 2006

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6 Weird Things About Me

I was searching for something to write about tonight, and I came up with almost nothing. Eventually, I began reading some old stories and essays and random musings in “My Documents.” I found this incomplete thing that needed to be finished at some point. I remember coming across it a … Continue reading →

Thursday Thirteen - Christmas Wish List

These are all items I have on my Amazon Wish List. So, pop on over there if you want to get me something. Xbox 360 HD DVD Player I've wanted an HD DVD player since they first arrived in the spring. Yet, they've cost way too much money up until … Continue reading →

Size 12, Too Fat For TV?

This stunning size 12 model was branded ‘too fat’ for TV competition. However, viewers voted her to the top female slot on the show. This is a fairly important piece of news. Click on over to the article and just look at the picture of this beautiful woman. Jen Hunter, … Continue reading →

The Cookie-Cutter American

This past Sunday, I was on the phone with my dad having a normal day-to-day conversation. So, I decided to mention that I spent part of my weekend working on the new website, Books In Bed, I’m designing. “You shouldn’t waste your time on stuff like that,” he said. (Although, … Continue reading →

I haven’t completely read through over all 70 of the scientists featured in Brilliant Minds on the Next 50 Years, but it is worth checking out if you’re interested in what the top scientists have to say.

I’m creating a new website called Books In Bed. Although, I might change it to Reader Village instead. It’ll probably be another month before the site is fully-functional, but you can check it out anyway.

Ray Kurzweil’s three-hour interview that I watched a couple of weeks back. If you’re interested in the future of genetics and technology, you should definitely check out this interview. It helped me better understand some of the things he’s talking about in The Singularity Is Near.


Yes, another college movie about partying and all the fun you’ll have when you’re there. But, is there something more? I would go as far as saying there is. While, for the most part, this is another rehash of the onslaught of college movies that we’ve seen for the past … Continue reading →