May 2007

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I, Robot

Isaac Asimov’s book is one of those that you must read at some point in your life. First, because of his storytelling abilitiy. Then, because the time of machines is upon us. To some readers this collection of nine short stories may seem like just that — another collection of … Continue reading →

Favorite 7 Songs

I actually found it quite hard to narrow this list down to seven songs. Just when I think I’m through, I remember another song I want on this list. I’ve made up my mind though. Almost every song on here is a song I can sit back and relax to. … Continue reading →

Post-Graduation Week

I graduated last week — Thursday, May 10. It was one of the most boring experiences of my life. I don’t even remember half the ceremony. I may have fell asleep a few times. I happened not to sleep the night before. I was just so wired. But, when that … Continue reading →

The God Delusion

I originally picked up Richard Dawkins’ book because it has gained quite a bit of popularity, which comes mostly from athiest circles. It seemed interesting enough though. Before I go on with a review, I must give a little bit of my religious background. I grew up in a protestant … Continue reading →

Simply Tree Light: WordPress Theme

Theme Information: Description: A simple, imageless, widget-ready, 3-sidebar, 4-column design. Based on the light green and brown colors of a tree. License: GPL Requirement(s): Wordpress 2.1+ Support: Support forums Download Theme ([download#21#hits]) | Test Theme This is my fourth Wordpress theme for public release. For anyone who’s been following my … Continue reading →

The World Is Flat

I started reading Thomas L. Friedman’s book sometime in late December or early January. It was a bit of a long book. Well, I read a lot of other things since then and now. But, I’m finally finished and am astounded. The book has opened my eyes to the situation … Continue reading →

A Life-Changing Bookshelf

I decided to do a little cleaning today. Maybe I should’ve been studying, but this is still progress. And, any progress for me is good progress. For the most part, I only reorganized my bookshelf, as you can see here. I’ve actually had my books alphabetized for at least two … Continue reading →

Life At 23

I had actually planned to write a post on my birthday (May 1), but I figured, in keeping with tradition of my last four years of blogging, to take the day off entirely. Several times I thought of something I would like to have blogged about. However, I opted to … Continue reading →