November 2007

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Make Your MySpace Profile Look Like Facebook 2

I’ve had many requests to update my fairly popular Facebook Mimic theme for MySpace. I finally promised myself that I’d do a complete revamp of the theme once I hit 2,000 downloads. Well, that time is now. Download: Before downloading, you should know that this theme is a div overlay … Continue reading →

Weekly Roundup #7

Another week has gone by and I have another Weekly Roundup to present to you. No, I didn’t post too much in this past week, but rest assured that I worked every single day on something. I’ll give you plenty of new content in the coming weeks to be happy … Continue reading →

Breaking the Technorati top 10K with free advertising

What’s that? Free advertising? Tell me more. In honor of this site’s venture into the Technorati top 10,000 blogs, I’m kicking off my new advertising campaign. I’m giving away 2 - 3 advertising spots for free. Currently, I’m using AdSense in the far right sidebar. This is where the new … Continue reading →

WordPress Custom Fields: Book Reviews Pt. 2

This part of the tutorial will cover making things look a little prettier. It is a more advanced PHP tutorial than any of the previous tutorials in the overall custom fields series. Basically, we will do a lot of work, but it won’t look like we’ve accomplished much. We still … Continue reading →

Weekly Roundup #6

I’m a little late on this past week’s roundup of cool and useful links. Sorry to those readers that look forward to this every week. I’m finally over whatever sickness I had and am ready to get back on track with blogging. Instead of skipping the Weekly Roundup altogether, I’ve … Continue reading →

The ABCs of Writing: Introduction

I’m starting a new series on this blog. Yes, another series. Since I hold an English degree and am an educator of the finer arts of the English language — OK, so I’m teaching English to Korean kids (it’s not that complicated). Wait. Wait. Wait. Did I write any of … Continue reading →

Blogging Exhaustion

It’s been one of those days. Or, rather, it’s been a few of those days. I’m sure you’ve all had a stretch of days in which you’ve just felt like giving up, or a few days that you didn’t feel like blogging or dealing with other people at all. You … Continue reading →

Weekly Roundup #5

It’s another in the Weekly Roundup series and I have quite a few articles, blogs, and sites to share with you. I’ve tried to hop around the Web a little more this week, while taking a small step back from designing themes — I need a break once in a … Continue reading →