Acrylic Painting #2: Yellow Tree

This painting began with a blue paint tube that exploded from the wrong end. It almost felt like it was destined to fail from those first moments of cleaning blobs of paint, but I persevered. I was in the mood to try some of the techniques I had learned in … Continue reading →

Acrylic Painting #1

I have been itching to try another painting since I finished my last. Each attempt teaches me something new about how paint works on the canvas. My first two oil paintings were inspired by Bob Ross lessons, and that is an easy place to take up the brush for beginners. … Continue reading →

Oil Painting #2

Ummm…Justin, are you not supposed to be working on a novel manuscript? I might be procrastinating somewhat, using up my creative energy to try an artform that I have always wanted to learn since childhood. But, yes, I am supposed to be working on my novel. At the same time, … Continue reading →

When You Cannot Afford Art, Make Your Own

Hanging paintings on the wall of your home was once seen as a status symbol. Nowadays, everyone can just about afford to get some print or another, but truly impressive art can still be prohibitive cost-wise. The best place to find neat pieces are at local shows and events. However, … Continue reading →