Weekly Roundup #4

I haven’t hopped around the Web as much as I usually do every week. I’ve been busy putting together a super-cool theme. Nevertheless, I do have a few links to share. I’ve also added the bookmarks add-on for Firefox. You can more easily follow what I’m linking to throughout … Continue reading →

October 2007: Creating A Better Blog

October has been a big month for me. I’ve tried to take my blogging, coding, and designing skills to the next level, and I think I’ve accomplished this. I hit quite a few goals, blogged on a regular basis, and learned a lot about creating a better blog with valuable … Continue reading →

Weekly Roundup #3

Another week has gone by and I’ve, as usual, spent too much time surfin’ the Net. For those of you who are new around these parts, the Weekly Roundup is my personal listing each week of what I’ve been doing around the Web. It’s my way of saying “thank you” … Continue reading →

Weekly Roundup #2

Once again, I’m offering a weekly roundup of the things I’ve found interesting throughout the week. I kicked the Weekly Roundup off last week with … Continue reading →

Weekly Roundup #1

After a long summer, one in which I had little Internet access, I am happy to say that I am now back in full force. I’m blog-hopping, RSS feed-reading, web-designing, and just plain havin’ fun on the Net again. It doesn’t hurt that South Korea’s Internet service is blazing fast … Continue reading →

I'll Return To The Blogosphere Soon

Yes, that’s right. I’ll be back to blogging very, very soon. Life’s just been non-stop this week. I’ve probably had, at most, an hour of downtime today. I’ve been going since 5:30 this morning. A good part of tomorrow will be the same, but I should have a few minutes … Continue reading →

Attack Of The Email Forward!

This past week I found this picture waiting in my inbox from my Uncle David. So, I decided to use it for this week’s Mundane Monday: Attack of the Email Forward! You can join in the game at Mundane Monday, a new meme for bloggers to participate in. … Continue reading →

5 Things I Love/Hate About Monday

I’ll be doing “5 Things I Hate About Monday” because it’s just easier. You can join in the game at Mundane Monday, a new meme for bloggers to participate in. Waking up early. This week more so because I've been lazy for a week during my Spring Break. Realizing that … Continue reading →